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    Hi Zane – I want to first thank you for creating this plug-in. I think it has a lot of potential, but unfortunately it is still far away from me being able to use it commercially to build a real stock photo site. I have been playing around with it for the last few hours, along with your Fullscreen theme to see if I can make this work for a commercial project I am working on. I am a full time stock photographer, so I know very well what the needs are of a stock site’s functionality. I would even be more than happy to buy your extensions package if you can get the plug-in to a point where I think it can work. I haven’t even delved into trying to get some pictures to come up on the screen in the Fullscreen theme I loaded in as well (it is still just a black empty screen), as I want to make sure the plug-in can do what it should be able to do on the back-end before I spend more time trying to tweak the look of the installation on my server.

    1 – First of all, I am having a difficult time getting the screen pictures to display at the proper size I want. I don’t want to show large, 950 pixel images as you have laid out in your recommended settings. Photo buyers just need to be shown a reasonably sized low-res image. The size I am shooting for is 653×435. So I went into the media settings and set the maximum size on all sizes to 653. On a horizontal image it works perfectly. It displays a 653×435 image. But on vertical images it is displaying 979×653. Is there any solution on this to get all images, both vertical and horizontal to display at 653×435 and 435×653?

    2 – As soon as I changed the media settings it seems that now it only shows the original image price and all the other image sized prices are gone. Do you perhaps know what went wrong here?

    3 – Limiting the pricing to 3 size tiers isn’t enough and I didn’t see any way to increase that in your settings. But if you look at stock sites in general, most offer 6-7 sizes and pricing tiers, but at least 5 sizes as a minimum on almost all sites. I was wanting to make 4 smaller sizes, plus the original full sized image for a total of 5 sizes. Is there a way this can be increased?

    4 – The way the software is designed it is for someone who wants to sell in essence on a size basis only. But in my case, selling rights managed images, I want price to be dictated by a mixture of price and intended usage (license type). It would be great if price could be calculated based on a combined price you put in for the image size selected plus an added cost for the type of license the buyer selects. That would be the ideal situation and that would make the plug-in a real winner. But at the bare minimum I don’t want someone to be able to download a large file if their intended use is web for example. So if we can’t combine pricing between license and size then at the very least we need to be able to control the size of the download based on the license type. Meaning if the buyer selects a web-use license then the site does not allow the buyer to download anything but a small sized file. Is there some way this can be done do you think? Again, a price based on size and license type combined is ideal though.

    5 – We also need to be able to charge people a higher rate for special licenses. Particularly if the buyer is going to use the image for a very large print run or wants say an unlimited print run license. Then there are also instances where the buyer may want to use the image to create products for resale both printed and/or electronic. So in this case a premium needs to be charged for the image because the buyer is going to be using the image to sell a product. We could handle this in the same way as item 4 above where we charge a set rate for the image size selected plus a premium for the license type and we could just add these extended license type categories in as additional licenses on the list. But it would be good if the buyer could select two license types plus the image size. So for example, medium sized image, advertising print license, plus a special license for an unlimited print run. And then the buyer is just given a total combined price for the 3 selections the buyer made. Again, if you are able to implement costing onto license types and have multiple licenses selected for the same picture instead of just one license type then that would be great.

    6 – Lastly, is there a simple way to get rid of the whole credits area at the lower right of the image display screen to remove your link back and etc? If I am going to make this into a commercial site I can’t have it looking home-grown with links to your site, wordpress, etc.

    Well, those are the general needs and I think you will find many photographers will have similar needs when it comes to file sizes, license types, and the ability to control pricing beyond image size selected. Maybe you have some better ideas on how to implement the above needs since you are a professional word press developer and if so that would be great. Please let me know if you think these things would be workable to add into the plug-in within a reasonable amount of time.



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  • Also, there is one more issue about license types. Some buyers will want to know if the image (containing a person or a unique design) has either a model or property release being offered with the image. Otherwise the buyer may not feel comfortable to use the image for commercial use purposes. So we should be able to indicate if the photo is either model or property released and/or if the image is available for commercial or just editorial use.

    Getting back to special licenses, like the extended licenses I mentioned above in #5, in some cases you may not even want to offer the buyer the option to use the image to create products for resale. So an indication of both the model release issue and whether or not the image is available for an extended license right next to the picture would be good. It would tell the buyer a lot about the usability of the image right up front.


    Thanks for your thorough input, its much needed. I’ve responded to your question in order below:

    1. The sizes settings in Sell Media are never displayed, in fact what your referring to are theme image sizes. To adjust your size settings in Sell Media click on “Sell Media -> Settings -> Size & Price”, this adjustment is for newly upload images and will create the needed download sizes for purchase.

    2. Again, the sizes in Media Settings are handled by your current WordPress theme and not Sell Media.

    3. Yes they are limited to Small, Medium, Large and Original. In the future we may add an option to add/remove sizes.

    4. Price is already derived from the markup + license type and size of your your image. You can adjust the percent markup by clicking on “Sell Media -> Licenses -> (Hover over the license you want to edit) Click “edit”, use the slider in the Markup field to adjust the percent you want the License to increase by. We do not intend to make license types dependent on sizes.

    5. Why not just create a new License Type called “Unlimited License Type” with a high markup percent?

    6. Click on “Sell Media -> Settings -> General Tab”, in the section “Plugin Credit” click the drop down and select “No”, then click “Save Changes”

    “Extended License Types”
    This is something best done as an extension and by another developer. We’ve open sourced Sell Media in GitHub in the hopes developers will contribute extensions like the one you’ve mentioned.

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