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    How can I get bigger thumbnails on my site? It only show small images of the albums. Tried changing it in “Generic Options” “Layouts” “Minimum Tile height”.

    The shortcode I use is: [gallery type='picasa' user_id='myown.user' kind='albums']

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    That particular option is only applicable if you use layout='random' in your shortcode, or if you set Photonic → Settings → Generic Options → Layouts → Image Layout to Random Tiled Gallery.

    If you don’t want to use the tiled layout and use the “square” or “circle” thumbnails instead, you can set a shortcode parameter thumbsize='104'. The permitted values are 32, 48, 64, 72, 104, 144, 150 and 160.

    That being said, there is probably a bug in this for generating thumbnails for albums (it works fine for photos). The remedy is fairly simple, just make this your shortcode, and it should work:

    [gallery type='picasa' user_id='myown.user' kind='albums' thumbsize='104' thumb_size='104']

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    Thanks m8, works very well 🙂

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