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  • Hello,
    I read your article:
    However, you did not mention HOW to change the size of the ALBUM thumbnail. They are small and ugly. Where can I find the dimensions of the ALBUM thumbnail in Basic Compact Album style?

    (I know how to change the size of image thumbnail, but that does not affect the size of the album thumbnail)

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    The albums are using the same thumbnails as the galleries do so normally you can just edit these thumbnails, make sure that you are clearing the “Image Cache” from “Gallery -> Other Options -> Miscellaneous” and that should automatically adjust the thumbnail size for both the album’s cover and the gallery thumbnail at once.

    Hope this helps


    I do not know if you understood me properly. I made a screenshot:
    Those are galleries, right? Or albums. Does not matter now. Whatever it is, I want to change their size. They are too small. How do I do it? Can you please help me? Because I tried this method:
    1. Other options
    2. Thumbnails settings
    3. Default size of thumbnails: 240x160px
    4. Save options
    5. Miscellaneous
    6. Clear image cache

    And the size of albums and galleries did not change at all. Please help me with it.

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    Hi @loczuch,

    You have changed the thumbnails size for the future image uploads by changing that setting.

    To resize your already uploaded image’s thumbnails, you will have to access “Gallery -> Manage Galleries” go to a gallery, check the images that you want to resize the thumbnails, select “Create new thumbnails” from the “Bulk Actions” then apply a new size.

    Hope this helps

    I beg you. Please. Read my message carefully. I do not want to change the size of specific images inside the gallery. Their sizes are OK. BUT I need to change the size of the MAIN gallery image. For example, I have 10 galleries. There are 10 images that are selected as the main gallery image. I want to change THEIR SIZES. Not sizes of all images INSIDE the gallery. I just have to change the main gallery image. Those are the images that I have to make bigger:

    I followed your instructions and what happened is – the size of images INSIDE that specific gallery enlarged, but the selected image as a “front gallery image” stayed the same. Please help me…

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    Hello @loczuch.

    Sure, you can edit your Album thumbnails if you edit your page (or blog post).
    Open the gallery display and use the “Customize Display Settings”
    On “Override thumbnail settings”, set that to “Yes”.
    Then you can adjust the size and “re-insert” that album display.
    Note: the album will adapt or use the available space in your container (content space stablished by your WordPress theme).

    We hope that this helps, please, feel free to write us back.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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