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    Viewing this form on a MacBook Pro 15″ the form is quite large. I have the media query to target it for the MacBook.

    But how do you size down the form proportionately?

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  • Plugin Author Matt Cromwell


    Hi there,

    That’s done from your theme almost completely. Currently, when I view that page and switch to a small mobile screen that whole section that the Donation form is in disappears completely. So, I think this is more of a theme question than a Give plugin question.





    I get that the mobile screen responsiveness is not working …

    But I am comparing between the MacBook Pro 15″ monitor vs Std 17″ laptop.

    It’s this form for these 2 devices that I am questioning – not the iPad / phone display (working on it).

    Plugin Author Matt Cromwell


    Responsiveness isn’t defined by screensize but by width in pixels. Currently, there’s clearly some media queries that are changing the width of that container… and probably too many of them. See here:


    Generally, the outter-most wrapper of each Give form can be targeted like this:

    div[id*="give-form"] {}

    I’d recommend digging through your themes media-queries, and mimic those in your customizations. Generally speaking though, Give’s styles are responsive out of the box so the less CSS you add the better.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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