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  • News here – if it is not just a rumour:

    This will give SixApart a strong user base – based on commercial and an opensource systems.


    Here are the changes for the poor LJ users:

    1. LJ will get a new and confusing price structure – depending how often you blog, why you blog and how many words you use.

    2. SixApart will hardly communicate with it’s paying customers, unless Mena blogs about it or Anil spreads the word via comments in his fav top ten blogs he reads.

    3. You no longer can save your entries directly, but you have to ‘rebuild’ your LJ for every post and comment.

    4. Your LJ interface will become much cooler with an options page that takes forever to scroll thru – BUT your default styles will get much uglier.

    5. SixApart will introduce a special massive multi SPAM-API to allow texan casinos and Cialis vendors to automatically comment every post you make.

    6. Every LJ user will be forced to create an additional TypeKey account to final get this product rolling for SixApart.

    7. Your pages will be served dynamically – if you can figure out in which weird way SixApart uses php and .htaccess to generate pages with SMARTY lurking in the background as well.

    8. All products and services from SixApart will be renamed to MoveTypeKeyLiveApartPad.


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  • Briefly stepping aside the comedy–if this rumor is true, it’s pretty big news.

    greedy people =/


    Is there any reason why you chose to post your anti-MT invective here rather than your own blog? Apart from the probability that you’d get more readers here? It doesn’t seem to me to have anything to do with WordPress support. Matt himself has always emphasised that MT is not the Enemy.

    Please, keep this kind of thing to your own site in future and don’t involve in your vendettas.


    I not commenting on the enemy – I am commenting on a big event on the blogging market.


    But I can see that this is no place for some smiles.

    It is true – it was just announced officially on Livejournal:

    They claim there aren’t going to be any major changes, that LJ is not going to start using MT’s software, etc…. Personally, I’m a bit skeptical.

    I’ve been keeping a journal on Livejournal for the past three years or so, but just recently installed WordPress on both my business and personal web sites, mainly to be able to post about site updated, relevant news, etc. rather than to replace my personal journal. But now I’m wondering…

    The features page says WordPress can import from MT, Greymatter, and a few others – can it also import from LJ?

    Moderator James Huff


    Anonymous, what is it with you people?!

    Orangeguru, thanks for the news update and comic relief.

    Anonymous- This is big news in the blog world and fits perfectly under the category of “Miscellaneous”.

    For those asking about LJ import for WordPress:

    Well, I thought it was pretty childish, especially when Matt’s done his best to maintain good relations with Six Apart. Speaking for myself, I think WordPress holds its own and doesn’t have to put down other tools to gain more users. Many of you obviously feel differently.

    I’m also a bit surprised at this new fashion for crossposting between blogs and forum threads, but far be it from me to deprive you of your hits 😉

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Anon – this is not Matt, it is users. And there has been – and always will be – a rivalry between users of each blogging tool, with each proclaiming theirs to be the more superior.
    I believe it included humour too – just as many sites I read also dig at 6A, LJ, GM etc etc ….

    And the cross-post ? Nope, just a link to the source.

    Not the link, no. If you actually click on orangeguru’s username and go to his blog you will find his little list repeated there word for word.

    If that’s not crossposting I’d like to know what is.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I looked at the link, that’s all.

    And in the great scheme of things, it’s not a biggie is it ? 🙂


    Do you own stock in Six Apart or something? Why all the self-righteousness? Calm yourself.

    Well, really, tparlin, just think about it. The very nerve of some people. Drawing undue attention to words they have written. Here in a blogging forum no less.


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