• I still use a lot Shield and will go pro soon.
    I didn’t begin again to use iControlWP but I will probably in the future.
    Paul has done a great work with Shield.
    So I decided to go back to 5 stars here also being sure he is working with the same spirit with iControlWP.

    ===== old review =====

    Unfortunately I have to change my review.

    I find the Shield & iControlWP pricing over complicated.
    The solutions themselves become more and more uneasy to use.
    The UI design could be improved with the “Don’t let me think” way.

    I hope to have the opportunity to come back to 5 stars in the future.

    ===== old review =====

    I have used Shield and iControlWP during the last six months.

    These solutions are simple to use, easy to live with and very convenient when you have some or many customers websites to follow.

    There is a great support and you don’t feel like an anonymous when you exchange emails with Paul.

    So, happy to recommend Paul and his solutions! 🙂

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