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  1. stipto
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hey there,

    I'm struggling with a multisite. All posts on the main site get blog/ in front of the url and there's no way to fix it. So I figured I use the sitewide tags plugin to post everything to a different blog. But when I click "populate posts" it only copies a part of my posts to the global posts blog... And another thing, I'm going to use posts on other blogs that I don't want to have appearing in this global posts blog. How can I change this?

    Basically I want to have it like this:
    Main site > All posts (but without blog/)
    Sub site 1 > Posts that also appear on the main site BUT also posts that shouldn't appear on the main blog (and should also stay out of the loop).
    Sub site 2 > Same story as Sub site 1.

    So I have 3 post types:
    1. General news that will appear only on the main site
    2. Specific news that is posted on a sub site but also appears on the main site
    3. Posts with custom meta fields that are to be used for something else, so should stay out of all loops.

    Anyone know how to solve this one?

  2. Main Site - You CANNOT remove /blog/ if you are using a subfolder site. This is the way it goes, it sucks, we know, many of us hate it, the devs are working on a fix, but there's a reason for it, and we're stuck with it for now.

    Sitewide Tags Plugin is working as designed. In order to NOT gum your SEO and make Google think you're a spammer, it links BACK to the original post. This is what's supposed to happen :)

    If you want the posts DUPLICATED onto other blogs, there are other plugins for that.

    Broadcast a post/page to other blogs. Whitelist, blacklist, groups and automatic category+tag posting/creation available.
    * http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/threewp-broadcast/

    Allows you to duplicate posts and pages to multiple sub-blogs at once.
    * http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/multipost-mu/

  3. stipto
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Ipstenu, my favorite support guru! :D

    Indeed, the blog/ prefix sucks.
    I understand your point about sitewide plugins and SEO, but why does it only list a few of my posts to the global posts blog and not all?

    I think I'll go with the duplicate post option, copy all posts to the global posts blog and then delete all posts from the main blog. With a plugin called Diamnond Recent Posts I can still show a summary of all posts on my main site, while the actual posts reside in my global posts blog.

    So then I would get:
    Main site > no posts but mimicking the posts loop with Diamond Recent Posts plugin
    News (posts) site > global posts blog wich lists all posts and has a database of posts of it's own. This will be a subdirectory of the main site. So mainsite.com/news/
    Sub-site 1 > Has it's own posts but also broadcasts to News (posts) site via the Global posts plugin
    Sub-site 2 > the same.

    Hope this works out! First... a backup ;)
    And thanks Ipstenu, you're a real life saver in these forums. Keep on helping people, you might become the next Buddha.

  4. I understand your point about sitewide plugins and SEO, but why does it only list a few of my posts to the global posts blog and not all?

    Ron-and-Andrea would answer that better (I THINK It's because it doesn't pull in all of them unless you run the pull in all option in settings).

  5. but why does it only list a few of my posts to the global posts blog and not all?

    Lots of reasons.

    - it doesn't go back and pull previously posted posts. (that option needs fixing)
    - it will not pull posts from blogs marked as anything other than public. Check that.

  6. derekgreer
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I'm having the same issue with "Populate Posts" from all blogs. It only grabs some for our multi-site. It also looks like it went alphabetically, so most of the posts are from only a few individuals. Any idea how to fix this?

  7. It needs to be fixed in the plugin. Just like I said above.

    Go edit a post and update it. It should pull it thru then.

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