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  • I’ve been looking around for an answer, but I haven’t found it.

    I have a network and am using the SWT plugin and have chosen to use the “main blog” option in the setup admin area as opposed to creating a “tags” blog. There’s mention that each choice has its own advantages.

    Couple questions (well, a few):

    1. What are those advantages?

    2. I have a post loop on a page I call updates, which works fine. How do I also have a separate page that displays all the tags from the network? When choosing between a “tags” site or the main blog, is it also choice between having posts or tags? Or can you have both?

    3. When listing “tags”, which are really taxonomies, will my custom taxonomies (created within each sub blog with an mu-plugin) also show? If not, is there an easy way to enable this?

    4. From what I’ve read, custom taxonomies on sub blogs don’t associate together, which I can live with, but does that mean that these taxonomies will duplicate on a “tags” page?


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