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  • I’m not really up on (who is) the ins and outs of search ranking and penalties (they keep changing anyway) but does anyone have any take on whether there is a risk of duplicate content penalty for Sitewide Tags blogs carrying, well, duplicates of posts from one’s other blogs? IOW, should the search be disabled and, if so, how does anyone find it and if they don’t, what’s the point? One could guess that the content is interleaved enough that detecting a duplicate would be more difficult but the first posts are going to be at the top of at least two different site front pages, so it’s not all that hard.

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  • Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    It;s not a dupe becasue the permalinks all go to the original site. So even tho there’s two copies in the *database*, as far as bots are concerned – there isn’t.

    the option is there to turn of index as well.

    the only issue (so far) I’ve seen is in subdomain installs, making a sitemap for the tags blog blows chunks becasue, as I said, the posts urls don;t match up with the tags blog.

    Well, here’s a wrinkle that I just learned. (You’ll probably have to read this a few times…) I’m using Ozh’S YOURLS as a locally installed shortener and it properly generates a shorturl and tweets a new post, but two tweets show up. Researching, I find that the second one is the post pulled into the Tags Blog and IS readable there (news to me) BUT it has a different shorturl in the WP default permalink style in the shorturl header, even though the second YOURLS shorturl is in the Tags Blog post Custom Fields AND the permalink structure is set to /%category%/%postname%/.

    The YOURLS shroturl 301s to the above permalink version but that non-YOURLS shorturl loads the same post and doesn’t 301. So, we have what looks like two duplicate posts in the Tags Blog having different URLs.

    There is a canonical header that points to the correct source blog permalink but canonicals aren’t supposed to point between domains.

    The kicker is, YOURLS WordPress to Twitter plugin is not activated on the Tags Blog, so a second shorturl from it is weird. If it were, I could see some interaction going on but the interjection of a default permalink as a shorturl in place of it seems even more strange.

    I’m on a subdomain install and hadn’t considered the sitemap issue. I’d wager that this situation may make that even worse.

    Ron Rennick


    MultiSite Guru

    Use to unhook the YOURLS plugin while switched.

    Sorry to barge in but this aligns with my question I was about to start a topic on perfectly.

    So if I understand this perfectly by doing nothing, the default behaviour of Sitewide tags in terms of duplicate content SEO concerns is addressed.

    Also I have enabled the use the Main Blog option. That doesn’t change the issue does it?

    Basically if you use Sitewide Tags, you’re fine with regards to SEO concerns (i.e. there are none). 🙂 And main blog is the same thing, no worries.

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