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  • Hello, everyone.

    I’ve started to work with a multisite blog. But I’ve been experiencing a few problems with it. One of them is that on the “main blog” I collect all the recent posts from all blogs (20+) and print them, in desc order. There, I’ve realized that I have 5-6 people who can’t see their posts there. Yet they can go to the url of their own blog list, that indeed works, and they can see what they have posted.

    I installed the MU Sitewide tags because of this, but another problem appeared. I set everything up, and when I go to the “Populate Posts”, and choose “all blogs” WP seems to be trapped on a loop and then I get the “redirect loop” error in my browser.

    Any idea of what is happening? And how can I solve it?

    Thanks in advance.

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