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  • Hey guys, I’ve always had problems with italics in wordpress. From my old site years ago to my newest one, Out of Treble (, the italics just don’t work properly.

    When in the visual editor, they show up when I use the italics button. I see italics. When I publish or schedule for publish or preview, the italics are not there, however. When I go into the HTML editor and change ever instance of “em” to “i” and then hit publish FROM THE HTML EDITOR, it will work. If I ever edit the post again or go back to visual before posting, they revert to “em” and they break on the actual post.

    Can anybody give me some advice to make “em” work or maybe force WP to use the “i” tag instead? Thanks.

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  • as I see it, the theme simply flattens the characteristics for the em tag within the

    	CSS Reset

    section in /css/screen.css without adding any new styles to it later.

    as this is a commercial theme, contact the theme’s seller for further assistance.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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