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  • I can’t seem to see my sites at the moment… They are just blank! I also cant get to the backend to see what is happening… If I try to type in http://www.sitename/wp-admin it also comes up blank! Can anyone help me with this???
    Thanks in advance

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  • Can you post your site URL?

    I will also mention that I already doubled checked the hosting and domain name are up to date… All seems fine

    @glennleese white blank pages occur when you have a 500 fatal PHP error.

    Do you remember what you did before the site started coming up blank? If it was changing themes, updating themes or updating a plugin or adding a plugin that could point you to the right place to figure out what caused it.

    If your hosting has a error_log for php errors you could check inside of it to see what the fatal error is.

    Otherwise need a bit more information.

    Looking at your site though, it looks like you might have been hacked.

    Hey mate, that link you just posted seems to be a dangerous one… Where does it go? My AntiVirus doesn’t like it …

    If I have been hacked, how can it be dealt with… Does WordPress offer support on this??

    Here’s a FAQ on it:

    Most important thing is to ‘stay calm’ 😉

    There are a few people who can help you clear hacks, first person to talk to would be your hosting service to see if they make backups of your site, and it can be restore.

    Other options is, find someone who for a couple of bucks can clear it if you can’t. .. if you can’t login via FTP and find the hacked files yourself. (or find someone you trust that knows what they’re doing)

    More then likely your database with all your posts have a good chance of still ok, most hacks don’t effect those.

    The report here shows your site is verified CLEAN. Google also reports the same.

    @frumph, please check the report above.

    Thanks Krishna… I am not sure what that means, but am relieved anyway! lol – So why do you think they are not displaying??? I am a bit puzzled by the whole thing – Someone has told me that perhaps the theme has corrupted… And I need to go back to the default theme… Any idea how I might do this? Thanks in advance!

    There are a few problems that I see as below:
    1. If you look at the report I quoted above, though your site is reported as clean, there are no URLs in that report. I checked your site using other tools also. They all show that you do not have any posts, etc. This can mean two things. Either you deleted them unknowingly, or something else happened like site defacement by intruders. That will still show your site as CLEAN.
    2. You are using Windows hosting which is not ideal for WordPress. In such a hosting environment, if all other settings are not correct, WordPress will not work.

    So, you need to contact your hosting company for support.

    Thanks alot for that, I will contact them again.

    Also, if anyone else wants to weigh in on this I would greatly appreciate it!

    Just also like to mention that hosting is Linux not Windows… Not sure whether that report is accurate

    I think it should be accurate. As you said, you might be using Linux hosting. However, as I described above you have some real problems that needs to be addressed by your hosting company.

    Also, why don’t you try to login to your account at your hosting company and check if you have your files in tact and if any unknown files (like /mainform.html) are present?

    So, I strongly recommend that you contact your host. Come back if you don’t find any problem there.

    Krishna, it reports clean because the hack doesn’t output anything offensive to the end user.

    Please ‘view source’ of the site and notice that is *not* WordPress output.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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