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  • Olivier


    We have contact form 7 on about 50 sites that updated to the latest version. we noticed a few days ago that recaptcha 2 had been removed and we reset all sites yesterday with re captcha V3 but this is not stopping the spam as shown on other posts.

    We have since added a small quiz with questions such as what is 7 + 5 but it seems this is not stopping the spam either.

    Could you please clarify what has to be done

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  • Plugin Author Ryan


    Hi Olivier, this support forum isn’t for CF7 or the Recaptcha 2 plugin. It’s only for the CF7 Honeypot addon plugin. You’ll have to check with the developers/support forums for those plugins.



    Sorry, I have added to the wrong forum. I am actually fitting honeypot on those sites which I hope will help



    Could be the right Forum anyway – have seen the same effect: reCaptcha V2 gone, V3 still ineffective. So I added the honeypot plugin, with two HP fields having their CSS in the footer, and even this does not stop the spam. I copy the content of these fields to the email being generated, and they are empty. So obviously they are being detected and are left out. When Looking at the code of the page I can still determine that there are things related to the honeypot plugin and which let a bot identify this:

    – There are CSS ids mostly random, but starting with “hp”
    – The labels for the HP fields have the class “hp-message”

    At least the last fact makes it quite easy for a bot to determine that These are HP generated fields, so it doesn’t fill them in. Couldn’t those be completely randomized? Probably this might help, there should be no evidence at all in the generated code that there might be the honeypot plugin in the game.

    Just my 2 cents

    Plugin Author Ryan


    Hi @tomheil — good suggestions. Will look at implementing some additional obfuscation to the IDs/labels in the next version.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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