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    I am facing one serious problem. I have learned that it is also in your to do list but may take longer time.
    I am using Read more tag for my few pages and providing those pages’ links to the front page/home page. Earlier I was using native page builder but for some table related issues I was not comfortable for Mobile friendliness. So I switched to SiteOrigin’s page builder. After preparing all the work on few pages, I found that my whole page is visible on the HOME Page. It is not looking good. (Still I have to switch over all content from WP editor to SiteOrigin Editor, so have to fix them, anyway) After reading many sites, found that you have this issues known and may take time to fix. My website is www. kampun . com and on the HOME page section the last section of CONTACT has that issues. I want to make Read more in between.
    Pl found somewhere that there is one Custom CSS trick to fix it. But I don’t have any idea. I am not professional dev but I can follow the instructions.
    Pl help.

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  • Plugin Author Andrew Misplon


    Hi kampun

    Thanks for reaching out.

    If you insert a more quicktag into a SiteOrigin Editor widget within your posts, the tag will be respected on your blog and archive pages.

    Here is an example of this in action from our Corp theme:

    Hello Andrew,
    Thank you for the quick reply.
    I have attached my screens for your ref.
    I can share more details if you need them.

    Plugin Author Andrew Misplon


    Thanks for the screenshots.

    The more quicktag only functions on blog or archive pages. It won’t function on a static page like your home page. The Editor widget is just supporting the default core functionality which only works on blog/archive pages. is a useful plugin if you just want to hide text and then display it when a user clicks the link to read more.

    Thank you for the quick response. I need to open the target URL. Show/Hide won’t be useful for me.
    Any CSS trick possibilities as an work around?

    Plugin Author Andrew Misplon


    Sorry, I’m not quite following. Are you saying you need the link to show the content and also an external link to open the content? If so, I haven’t used a plugin/functionality from a plugin that would do that. That does not say one isn’t out there, just that I haven’t used one in the past.

    I mean, once the visitor click on the Read more(Continue to read more) it would open the relevant page. Can you please visit kampunDOTcom and see the front page?

    Plugin Author Andrew Misplon


    Sure, to do that, you’d create a link. In the Visual tab, highlight the text you’d like to link and click the chain icon. In the Text tab, highlight the text you’d like to turn into a link and click the Link button.

    If you haven’t created the page you’d like to link to, head over to Pages first to create the page.

    Hope that helps.

    But for that I have problem that on the HOME/FrontPage it shows full page (of the target page) instead of the part of the target-page. My Website uses WP 2017 theme. In this theme, I cannot do much for the home part. There are few sections. Each section assigned to separate page and used Read More tag to show initial part of the (target page) page. By using Read More tag, it breaks in parts and the initial part is only visible and the rest of the part would be opened in the target page loading.
    Hope you got me.

    Plugin Author Andrew Misplon


    The more quicktag is intended to split posts on blog and archive pages. By inserting the more quicktag the single post is split for the user when viewing the archive view, they can continue reading within the single post.

    If you want to link users to a specific section on each of your pages, you could do this using an anchor tag.

    Here is how to do that:

    Thank you for the continued support. I can understand above anchor tags which can be used to jump within pages or to another page’s section as well. But here I have problem – My page which is linked to the home/front page and shows partly/fully. If we use more quicktag the beneficial part is it will hide “after the more tag” content on the front page. In your above anchor tag usage we cannot hide the balance content on the front page. My idea is on the front page, I want to show few pages’ initial content. Once user visits the page, he will have liberty to choose from.
    If the content to be shown fully, it will be very large front page. I don’t like that way.
    Another thing is I don’t want to loose usage of Siteorigin Page builder as there are many pages which needed to be updated using it. Earlier built with WP Classic editor.

    Plugin Author Andrew Misplon


    Thanks for your reply.

    As far as I’m aware, the core WordPress more quicktag doesn’t function in the manner in which you’re requesting. If you can show us a demo of how this usually works in the Classic Editor, we’d be happy to take a look and log a bug report on GitHub.

    Thanks again.

    Thank you for the quick reply.
    See, I am not expert on the subject but since being it’s my interest and requirement I am into it. I am providing the details which I have and accordingly you can understand what I mean. May be I have misunderstood things.
    Here, you will see the html part of my About page:

    Here you will be able to see my WordPress 2017 theme’s home page customization section: First section is set to About page.

    This is the my page kampun dot com’s home page where you would be able to see the About section which is partially visible and the second part is hidden and showing “Continue reading”.

    Plugin Author Andrew Misplon


    Thanks. I can take a look at how Twenty Seventeen is doing that tomorrow.

    My understanding of your earlier screenshots is that you’re inserting the read more tag on the home page and hoping it for to show on that same page. Is that correct? Put another way, where is this content: ?. Is that content on your home page? If so, it isn’t possible for the more tag to display on the same page you insert it.

    Plugin Author Andrew Misplon


    You can try the following:

    1. On your About page or the destination page, insert your content and the more tag where you want the content to split.

    2. On the home page, insert a Post Loop widget. In the Post Loop widget settings:

    a. Select the template to use. This is highly dependent on the theme you are using. Hopefully, you have content.php, if so you can use that as your template.
    b. Open “Posts query”, select “Pages” and in the “Post in” field, search for the page name you want to display. You can also insert the page ID.

    Thank you very much. I will do it very soon. I will update the outcome.

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