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    I am testing the SEO framework plugin and I loved the simplicity. I loved the Extension manager design and how it works. I have a few questions.

    1. The Default Activation shows the all tabs Open. Possible to add Open ALL and Close ALL button or a minor changes like in columns or tabs to manage each section?
    2. Is it Better to add all the sections on single page instead of adding each module in menu navigation like other SEO plugins do?
    3. Notification Manager for Global issues?
    4. Title Setting for Each Post Types with option to Disable a Post type optimization.
    5. Customize Post Types. (Title, Follow/Nofollow and Index/Noindex)
    6. Customize Inbuilt and CPTs Archive. (Title, Follow/Nofollow and Index/Noindex)
    7. Customize Category and CPTs Taxonomies. (Title, Follow/Nofollow and Index/Noindex)
    8. Separate Sitemap for Each Post Type. Currently it mix all the post and pages.

    I think CPTs and Category/Taxonomy settings are missing.

    Thank you for all the work.

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  • Also Noticed that it doesn’t output Published date, Modified Date and Updated date as Yoast.

    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer



    (Ordered lists are broken in these forums. 🙁 Please tally the dots by hand.)

    The published/modified date will only be presented when the og:type is article. This happens when certain criteria are met:

    1. The post type must be single (e.g. any post except Page and Attachment).
    2. A og:image is present.

    Let’s get to those “few” questions 😅:

    1. I’m assuming you speak of The SEO Framework. Collapsing all meta boxes is possible with custom coding, but only when you’ve never seen the page before (there’s a user-setting involved). So, I think that’s useless for you now (and it’s cumbersome). More on this in point 2.
    2. We’re looking into reworking the SEO settings UI in the TSF v5.0 major release. We want to keep it in line with WordPress’s default styling–it is why we won’t add bells and whistles everywhere, like the collapse-all buttons you proposed. It’s also why it looks so boring, and I understand it can be a bit cumbersome to navigate. We’re looking forward to the post-Gutenberg times. Hopefully, an AJAX-based admin interface like Calypso or the new WooCommerce will land soon, so we can start integrating; but, this can take a few years. Extension Manager already boasts an AJAX-powered interface, and I want to go somewhat in that direction–but then, of course, graphically supporting the 100+ settings TSF has.
    3. We’re awaiting the release of WP Notify for global notifications.
    4. Per post-type settings are under consideration. We prepared for this in the v4.0 update already. You can already disable post types from receiving any SEO, and set custom robots-directives per post type.
    5. See 4.
    6. We’re working on CPTA settings. We had to clear a few hurdles with the v4.0 update, however.
    7. See 4. and 6.
    8. Paginating and separating the sitemaps are under consideration. However, adding everything to the sitemap is not useful. Splitting the sitemap has also shown to reduce the efficacy of search engine spiders. Moreover, when a search engine finds a post, you can effectively remove it from the sitemap without repercussions. Recently updated posts need to be highlighted again, however, and it is why we order non-hierarchical posts descendingly by updated-time.

    To summarize, we’re waiting for WordPress to come with new features so that we can hook into them. Until then, we’re unattractive and appear archaic and stagnant, for better or for worse. The WordPress 5.3 update made TSF look less dated already 🙂 I also wanted to make TSF as stable as possible before introducing new options; which is what the TSF v4.0.x updates are all about.

    I hope this answers all your questions well. Cheers!


    Sorry for troubling you again. I have a few more questions.

    1. Category and Tag, simply Archives are noindex by default?
    2. sitemap doesn’t add CPT post?
    3. noindex for Custom Taxonomy?

    Seems like i forget how i set the noindex on category and tags.

    Got it, here in Robots Meta Settings > Indexing.

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    • This reply was modified 1 week, 3 days ago by aryanrajseo.
    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer



    I see that the ordered lists work again. Yay!

    1. CPT-archive-specific options are coming in the next major update.
    2. It should, unless the CPT is disabled or has the “noindex” directive applied.
    3. That’ll come in the next major update. For now, using WordPress’ bulk-edit feature is the way to go.

    Your questions help me understand what’s vital for me to address. Thanks for that!


    Thank you.CPT posts are in Sitemap.

    Thank you for your precious time. Really appreciate it.

    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    No problem!

    Thank you so much for the fantastic review!! It warms my heart 😊

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