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    i just created a sitemap with the Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator plugin, and submitted it in google webmaster

    i know it takes some time for it to be ‘live’, but when it is, will the sitemap page be shown automatically on my site menu? or do i have to create a page for it?

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  • anyone know why i keep getting this error message on my webmasters?
    “URL restricted by robots.txt”

    how do i fix it?

    You’re new at all this aren’t you?

    1) Google (XML) Sitemap does not make a sitemap page… there is an other plugin you can try for that called sitemap-generator. Install the plugin, create a page and add the comment the author tells you to add on that page and it’ll output a sitemap on that page for you. The google xml file is only meant to guide robots that visit your site so they can do a more exact job.

    2) There is a file in your root directory called robots.txt, it’s used to give permission to robots for various files and folders. Your file apparently denies all access to robots. You need to change that file. Read up on writing robots.txt and you’ll be fine.

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    thanks mate,
    yeah, i’m new to all this. sorta stumbling my way to creating this site

    i had a thought after making this thread that the sitemap wasn’t activated because the setting in my ‘privacy’ wordpress section was set to block google and other search engines.

    after having changed it the sitemap was activated. had to wait a few hours for this – guess it takes up to 24 hours or something

    anyway, gonna look into the sitemap lugin now


    thanks atgheb. good info for me too.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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