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  • Hi,

    Lately, I have started to notice that Google seems to take longer than usual to pickup the posts I write.

    The sitemap index is correctly updated and, with it, the post-sitemap.xml document. I can verify that in Google Webmaster tool. I can see in the post-sitemap that my latest post, for example, is represented (at the very bottom of the list). It was picked up more than 48 hours ago.

    However, if a do a Google search for the post (for example using the words of the title) the post doesn’t show at all in the results (it’s a rather specific title: it should show). However, other blogs which have reblogged my post are shown.

    If I do a search for the title *with* my blog’s name, I get result for the home page, for tags and category, but not for the post itself. The specific URL of the post seems to be invisible to Google.

    What can I do to fix this issue? Is this normal behavior? In previous, similar situations, I have experimented with Google Webmaster tool: if I resubmit the URL of the post, it will show instantly in the results.

    Obviously, I don’t want to have to submit an URL each time I write a blog post.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



    P.S. I use W3TotalCache and the sitemaps are excluded from the browser cache.

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  • A couple more information about debugging this problem:

    – A search with the “site” operator will turn out the post. That is: if I ask Google to search for some keywords not in the whole wide web, but specifically in my site, my post will turn up in the results.

    – I use the Structured Data Testing Tool to examine how Google was reading my post. The only strange thing is that the information for the hcard belonged to a blog that had reblogged my post: it appeared as a trackback under my own post.

    – It’s been nearly a week since I published this post, and it still won’t show in the results (but links to its tags, category, etc. do show).

    – Now it’s simpler for me to resubmit the post via Google Webmaster Tools (10 such submission are allowed each month).


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