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    I have several pages that have not been on my site for a long time, but are still showing up in the sitemap. I am getting 40+ crawl errors from Search Console.

    I have tweaked settings and resaved the sitemap many times.

    Here is an example of a page in the site map that is actually a 404.

    How do I get this nonexistent removed from the sitemap? Thanks.

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  • Plugin Author Michael Torbert


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    Hi @aksteve

    What is the URL to your sitemap?

    Sorry, I should have added that. It is

    Plugin Author Michael Torbert


    WordPress Virtuoso

    Try updating to the latest version of All in One SEO Pack. (3.0.1)

    I updated it and still see pages that don’t exist. Then updated site map and cleared cache. Still see a bunch of nonexistent pages.

    Why would it be doing this. I have 44+ errors in search console because of this.

    Plugin Author Michael Torbert


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    Try these troubleshooting steps to narrow down a possible plugin/theme conflict:

    Make sure to clear all caching.

    I will do this tonight when traffic is low. Let’s hope it is not a conflict. I use Avada, the top selling WP theme.

    I will let you know. Thanks.

    So, I changed a sitemap setting to no longer index Media/Attachment post types. I read in another SEO plugins docs that indexing media/attachments should be avoided.

    This took my sitemap from 370+ pages to 32. This also got rid of all the 404 errors.

    What do you recommend? I really like your plugin, but your support docs usually just state the obvious (click this to not index media). But your docs don’t offer many tips, suggestions or advice on why or why not to do things.

    I often leave things at default, likely to my own detriment.


    Am I going to lose rankings now that I just have 32 indexed pages?

    Would really love your opinion. Thanks.

    Plugin Author Michael Torbert


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    I’m not sure I follow, you want your attachment pages to rank, but don’t want them in the sitemap?
    Whether or not to include attachment pages depends on the site. Every site is different.

    What I was trying to do was to figure out why pages that don’t exist are showing up in your sitemap. If that’s a bug, we’d like to investigate and fix it, not just disable the functionality so it goes away.

    So, no, I do not want attachment pages to rank. It was just turned on as a default. So I left it that way. When I checked on your site to see what it meant, it just says check this to include attachment pages on sitemap. So, not much guidance on its SEO value.

    I rank really well for my keywords. So I am hesitant to change it, but I did.

    As for the site map showing nonexistent pages, I just turned off all my plugins (except AIO) and activated a default theme. Then turned on the post type media/attachments on the site map.

    Then I checked the site map, and the 404 pages are there.

    So, as far as this support ticket goes, I think it is irrelevant. As I learned I should not have the media/attachments post type turned on. So that fixed the issue for me and really cleaned up my sitemap.

    I’d like to help you troubleshoot since the sitemap still showed the 404’s, but not sure I want to keep messing with my business website.

    It appears to be adding some type of old post type, but the pages do not exist.
    These URLs are old clients, and part of my portfolio, but these are not actual pages.

    The sitemap must be misinterpreting the portfolio post type or something like that.

    Posted a com…

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    Plugin Author Michael Torbert


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    We’d like to investigate this further. Please contact us here, and paste this forum thread’s URL where it asks for license key.

    Happy to help if I can. I sent you a contact. Thanks.

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