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  • reimerstudt


    WP Realtime Sitemap does not work any more on my site.
    I have used the German version with PHP version 7.

    The following behaviour occurs:
    1. When I enter values in the sitemap administration panel, the values are mostly not saved or do not show up after I have saved them. The affected fields are the “Limit” fields in the English version.
    2. When I enter the menu ID (which I got from the URL in the menu administration panel), this value is also not saved in the realtime sitemap administration panel. Maybe I would have to use another ID, but this is what I had found on some forum.
    3. Whichever configuration I use, the realtime sitemap does not show up on my site.
    My site only has shown a message that this sitemap has been created with WP realtime sitemap, so it seems to me, that the realtime sitemap plugin does show some behavior. I have just used [wp-realtime-sitemap]. You can see the current behaviour on “”. I have taken the sitemap from the main menu.
    Thanks in advance for your help

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  • Plugin Author Rincewind


    Can you go back into the settings and try save them again, also what version are you using of my plugin ?

    Did you upgrade? if so from what version and to which version did you upgrade ?



    I am using version 1.5.6 of your plugin. Somewhen I have upgraded, yes, but I don’t know the exact history of the updates, i.e. from which version I have updated. I am using WordPress version 4.5.3.

    I have just tried again to save the values, but it did not seem to work again. The more exact behavior is: I enter the values in the fields (including menu number), and all the entered values are not in the fields any more after I have presse “Save changes” (or whatever text it is in the English version).

    I am not exactly sure, if I have entered the right menu id (and if this could be the cause), but the way I have “found out” the id was to create a new menu; then I had two menus, and when I had selected the actual menu, the url contained a number, which I used. Withouth this workaround, my wordpress installation did not show any number in the menu administration at all. Additionally, when I had tried to enter the name of my menue in the sitemap administration panel, the plugin did not accept that.

    Plugin Author Rincewind


    which values are you trying to change that aren’t saving ? I never changed any of that code between 1.5.4 and 1.5.6.

    All the functions my plugin uses are functions that are already built into WordPress itself, these functions can be looked up on the codex, the function for the menu that you are taking about does expect a number to be given to it, it isn’t possible for a name to be given instead, that it not something I am able to change as the function is not part of my plugin.

    So is it now working again ?



    Plugin have compatibility problems with the latest versions of PHP (5.6+). You have to re-check the code. For example this part:

    function WPRealtimeSitemap() { //constructor

    Warning: WPRealtimeSitemap has a deprecated constructor.

    Plugin Author Rincewind


    I have no access at the moment to PHP 7, and so am unable to test, verify and/or fix any issues that may or may not work with that version. Until such time as I do it will stay as it is, if someone would like to fix the issues for the benefit of themselves and other users feel free, if they was to contact me via email with the code I would be happy to commit it to the svn and give them credit for the fixes.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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