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  • I started to use the sitebrains antispam plugin, anyone use it on high traffic sites? I want to know how well it handles lots of traffic because it looks effective however under what load. Are there any slap tests that can be done with it?

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  • Hi Phillip,

    I used it on a few smaller sites and its worked without problems so far (about 500 visitors a day, 20-40 posts). The external link analysis is pretty cool and Ive been able to do away with captcha completely. Its also a fun tool to see what you can try and get past the spam blocker.

    Its also instant and not like akismet where a response is given in 30+ seconds after something is submitted. Ive started to look at the API but haven’t implemented it yet, are you using it on any public sites?

    Reading info at the Developer site I don’t believe it blocks User Registration spam.

    Hi Mediamon,

    Actually, SiteBrains is able to block user registration spam through a couple methods. Firstly, you can configure rules per field to remove certain content such as phone numbers, email addresses, also SiteBrains can remove irrelevant URLs.

    It is also possible to configure the registration form to require specifics or even a minimum number of words with a certain grammar score and english word score so that users are required to write english, well scoring grammar responses to items such as ‘Describe your interests’ and the like.

    We are actively developing the plugin, and the backend site, which offers an API for 100% customization beyond what wordpress can do. If you have any issues, please contact us and we can come up with a solution, add features, or point to the correct configuration page.

    Thanks for the interest!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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