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  • a client of mine asked for the “green light” that McAfee SiteAdvisor tool gives on a web address

    it still don’t have the green status, but now i guess is just a matter of time to propagate

    would like to post the steps i took to at least being able to have the verification file being recognized by this tool.
    first i verified a standalone installation of WordPress, then a domain mapped in MultiSite

    the SiteAdvisor page can be a bit confusing, but everything starts creating an account here:

    1. Firefox is the browser to use, and had to install a piece of software in my machine (it would be much easier if it was only an extension to FF, but this is it for mac users: install a software to install the extension…)
    2. you’ll probably need to run this commands in a terminal window, with and without www, they will give the http status of the address (200, 301, 302, 404)
      curl -s -D - -o /dev/null
      curl -s -D - -o /dev/null
    3. in the domain management in the hosting company, make sure that the domain works both with www and without it
    4. in the Domain Mapping of WordPress, map both domains and, and make one of them the primary domain
    5. submit the primary domain for Verification in SiteAdvisor
    6. it asks for a empty html file with encoded name to be placed in the root of your domain, in this case, the root of the MultiSite installation
    7. once you upload the file, disable the .htaccess by renaming it, and press the Verify button in SA page
    8. verification will be successful, and you enable .htaccess again

    would like to hear other experiences,
    and, if some rogue elf comes around, any drawbacks on this .htaccess renaming?

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  • forgot to say:
    – after verifying the site, i removed the second mapped domain (without www)
    – and rolled back the configuration in the hosting company to do a 301 redirect of the domain without www

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