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  • I have currently about 30 wordpress installs in site5. Have had to put up with service downtime for two years. Never minded as they are usually quick to respond in customer service, but nonetheless, was a problem for long.

    Recently, they implemented a points system that according to them monitors when scripts “abuse” the server resources like CPU or memory. Note, all my websites are low traffic and are mainly local businesses. All websites we create are wordpress based, with optimized code, optimized themes and clean development and yet, they are now claiming that we are overusing their resources and that this is the reason for downtimes. After two years, they came up with a mysterious measurement that only them know what it tracks and have added on top of the traditional bandwidth and disk space limits.

    Note, we don’t run any video streaming websites, very low on scripts if any most are wordpress plugins that have been tested many times and chosen for efficiency.

    A terrible hosting and worst for wordpress. If you ever think of hosting a wordpress site in Site5, forget it unless you want to deal with disruptions and instability.

    To top it off, they refuse to issue refunds. Only provide refunds on your account with them. To those who ever read this, you’ve been warned, cheap hosting, bad refund policies.

    One last thing, site5 is the same as, however, blufur is more expensive. Same woman answers the phone on both and she has terrible attitude and only always tells you to either chat or create a ticket.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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