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  • I am running at least 5 blogs on my domain previously using WordPress 2.7.

    Version 2.8 came along and I decided to upgrade my main blog which have running on the past 5 years on WordPress with no problems. The one-click upgrade worked without a hitch.

    Yesterday, I tried to upgrade a second blog, another one which has been running for the past 5 years or so. After clicking on the one-click upgrade, disaster struck.

    I couldn’t log into my webhost (yaboo webhosting) control panel anymore, massive numbers of directories and files are missing (including some not associated with wordpress at all), and even my phpAdmin installation is wrecked.

    Contacting yahoo support only reinstated the web control panel. I am now left with a broken webhost with 5 years worth of data missing (I should have made backups but thought that yahoo’s snapshot function could have saved me — it didn’t seem to have done so). I’m still in the midst of requesting technical assistance from them.

    The question is: is there a problem with the 2.8 upgrade? or is this purely a yahoo webhosting problem. I am on the verge of dumping their services if they are unable to resolve the issue.

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  • I am having the same problem on my site. Luckily mine words except for the backend. I can’t login to wp-admin. It just shows the dir contents. This is very frustrating. Hopefully my backup works and I will just stick to the previous version.

    This happened on both of my sites. If I can’t figure it out after a few days I might make the switch to Joomla.



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    Check out MichaelH’s 2.8 Problems and Solutions.

    Mercime: the link you posted does not have a solution for my problems. I’m talking about a 2.8 upgrade in a folder affecting other wordpress blogs in other folders. Sounds like a remote possibility, but it happened, at least on my webhost.

    I had a similar experience. I ran the automatic update on my shared host, and afterwords every single file in my user directory and subdirectories was deleted. The whole place was obliterated.

    me too- and I use yahoo.
    Now I have an even bigger mess trying to fix it
    yahoo support only helped a bit.
    I am trying one more thing – but have aoubt 5 years of posts and my blog totally GONE

    I’m going back to 2.7.1 until the dust clears. All sort of random things were going wrong once I switched. The nail was the fact that the admin panels for applying categories just disappeared. I could not bring it back, despite using the screen options.

    A plugin might be to blame, but I tried getting rid of them all. It did nothing.

    yahoo support found an error in our permalinks from the upgrade – yahoo is recommending not to upgrate yet until they finish running it through the yahoo servers…..

    luckily one of the support staff I spoke to managed to restore my account based on a snapshot of it prior to the upgrade.

    I’m back to 2.7.1 for now and very, very relieved that my 5 years of work is still preserved. Not going to upgrade to 2.8 for now till I hear better experiences. If only can I disable that “Update to 2.8” button and reminder!

    engloy – you should never be in a position to lose data. Please read WordPress Backups and follow that before attempting any future upgrade.

    You should be backing up your database and files routinely.

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    I have the exact same issue with my Dashboard being a mess and widgets and other functionality not working since upgrading to 2.8.

    I have asked by hosting company to try and back me up prior to 2.8 but it may be too long ago.

    This upgrade has been a disaster for me and I am reading so many complaints about similar problems as mine.


    MichaelH: Unfortunately I got complacent after the previous automatic upgrade from 2.7 to 2.7.1 worked without a hitch. Have made a backup immediately after I got my files back. Am waiting for more reports before I attempt the upgrade again 🙂

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    My hosting company restored my site with a backup but the Dashboard screen is still a mess. Everything is on the left side one after another and other stuff is unusable.

    I have asked for them to try to delete the entire file on my server and then recreate it from scratch with the backup version hoping this helps.

    If this does not work (and I suspect it may not) does anyone have any idea how I can get the dashboard to look right and work right again. The actual site is working on the internet it just means I can never update it again the way it is now.

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    I have now restored. Still says I am using 2.8 but after getting rid of Gixax Chat plugin everything seems to be OK. I hope I don’t have to go back here to say differently.

    Since Yahoo fixed or upgraded the security issue, I’ve been unable to Log-In or Retrieve my Password. I know I’m using the right Username, Password & Email, but it wont allow me to do anything. I’m not to happy with Yahoo, I have AdSense on my blog; don’t they realize people are trying to make a living here.

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