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  • the last couple of questions i posted, although probably pretty stupid, didnt get answered so pleaaaase someone help me on this one. I am still learning and am pretty new to this.

    wordpress 3.3.2
    zenon lite theme

    Im done with a clients site, and it works flawlessly on:


    On IE it is so beyond messed up that I cant even begin.

    the entire site is floating left,
    floating images (menu, copyright bar) are repeating
    menu is vertical
    gradients are all different colors?!

    Im losing my mind.

    here is the entire style.css sheet.


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  • esmi


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    Start by sorting out the markup errors. Then move onto the CSS errors.
    If you continue to have problems with IE, consider conditional comment CSS

    i think i am having a similar problem… my website: is running fine on all platforms except IE. it isn’t a CSS issue (i don’t think) because the page url is simply not found when using IE. and again it seems to be working perfectly using safari, firefox and opera



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    @tolinyk: It is impolite and contrary to forum policy to interrupt another poster’s ongoing thread with a question of your own. Please post your own topic.

    thanks for replying.

    wow just verified and got a lot of errors, but why do the errors only effect IE? my problem is i dont know that much code so i cant spot errors by myself.

    ps, in my other forums we call that threadjacking 😉 wish I could help tolinyk, but you should make your own thread so other people with your problem can find the answer!

    my greatest apologies.. i thought that this was a terrific place to pose a similar question. since an answer for NoahMason23 would likely answer my question as well.

    sorry esmi, i guess “discussion thread” is does not mean discussion, and that “forum” meant collaboration. perhaps we should encourage renaming of the terms to “specific Q&A” and “personal conversation”

    sorry NoahMason23 for apparently ruining your day.



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    @noahmason23: IE is notoriously fussy about invalid CSS. It can even throw a hissy fit over perfectly good CSS (but that’s another story).

    okay so ill spend tonight trying to fix the errors, if it still doesnt work is there any way i can put up a page or splash that only IE viewers can read that will say “not compatible with IE please view on …” ??

    or is that a bad idea….



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    I’d say that was a bad idea…

    UPDATE: I went into the CSS and fixed a bunch of things. Im still getting errors on the validator but it still works on all browsers.

    IE distorts some of my pictures if they arent created in the exact pixels for where they are, all other browsers dont do this and I cant go in and change all those pictures, its too much. Is there any way i can tell IE to resize the pictures?

    note: what I see happening is that it will resize the width, but wont resize the height… so its just squeezed horizontally

    see here on IE (image in question is the first image in the content, under the slider):

    Otherwise it is all fixed. thanks for your help!

    @noahmason23: we are seeing the same vertical menu problem in IE that you previously reported to see. Do you recall the specific fix in your CSS?


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