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  • Hello

    Here is the problem : the site is accessible for dev or usage on my LAN (

    1) Apache, MySQL, Php and WordPress are installed on a QNAP NAS (works ok on LAN).
    2) WordPress 3.6.1 is installed in a directory ‘tht’. On Qnap it is shown as: Web/tht/
    2) I have a functional domain redirection driven by “no-ip” DynDNS service. I have tested on others html pages, or php pages, access from Internet is ok.
    3) Port forwarding is thus declared working.

    the behavior:

    when I (or friends outside) try to access <domaine name>/tht/ , I have a 404 page.

    with php_myadmin, wp-options, Site_url shows :

    this is correct, this is the local Ip @ and this is the reason it works locally.

    What should I change to have the website working both on LAN and from Internet ?

    I made a test with : http//domainname/tht/wp-config.php and I got the normal wordpress login page. I logged in, and got the dashboard. Fine ? the adress in the browser shows that it switched to local address.

    So, the issue is not with the network, the issue stands around parameters of HOME directory or whatever…

    I’m lost. Thank you for any help from the QNAP/Worpress community. It seems Synapse guys have the same issue, but I didn’t see (understand) the way to solve it.

    Waiting reading from you

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  • You’re using an address reserved for private internal networks in your WordPress URL’s. To make it accessible to everyone from the WAN, you should probably use your dyndns domain name instead.

    Thank you.
    I will try but i will check if it could be a domain name.
    At the same time, when I work on the development of the website, I’m inside my LAN, so domain name is not resolved by any DNS.

    what do you think if “localhost” could be the answer.

    Nobody ha sthe same issue ? what is their default URL path ?

    Thanks for help.

    Nobody ha sthe same issue ?

    It’s a topic that gets discussed frequently, and also a web server and home network configuration/administration issue rather than an issue directly related to WordPress itself.

    what do you think if “localhost” could be the answer

    No. Every machine is “localhost”. Localhost will make it inaccessible to every machine except the one it’s installed on.

    I’m inside my LAN, so domain name is not resolved by any DNS.

    It should, unless you have an ISP provided residential modem/router model that’s incapable of NAT translation/forwarding back inside your own home network.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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