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  • Are you using a default theme (obviously modified) and if so, which one?

    Perhaps you could just make your nameplate shorter?

    Well I’ve modded the Kubrick template.

    Uh huh�what was the default header image size? Perhaps because you modified that, you need to modify where the rest of the content sits on the page?

    Who am I to tell you what should you do?
    I know that you started this design by modifying the Default theme, and even if I don’t like it I have to admit that it works perfectly across browsers. Somewhere along the way your modifications became too much for the browsers. It happens to all of us. The only advice I can give you: don’t let the browser check till the end – do it after every major step, modification in design. That way you’ll always know where the mistake happened.

    mequodallie: The Kubrick template header? I don’t really know. =/

    And what do you mean by modify rest of the content? Margin, padding and etc?

    moshu: I guess I was wrong. I had planned to check the site in other browsers after I was done with everything. Also, I don’t have other browsers. I only have IE and Firefox.. I was wrong I guess. =/ Thanks though. I’ll see what I can do now….

    Oh waitâ€?nope. Your content is pulling off and to the right of the body… I missed that first time around. Check your CSS and see if you have everything aligned correctly. Is it possible that your content (or body or whatever) is centered and sized differently than the rest of your content?

    Another thing�it sucks, but always works. Reinstall. Save your CSS if you can, then upload each line individually, while constantly checking it.

    That’s actually a good idea. I think I should try it.

    This might work.

    Remade as mequodallie said. Looks perfectly fine in Firefox and Internet Explorer at my end. What about your guys’?

    Also, could someone post a screenshot from Safari, only if they don’t mind?

    Thank you.

    Looks good on Safari and Firefox on a Mac. Nice job. 🙂 Screenshot located here:

    Thanks mequodallie. Appreciated. 🙂

    I have one more question, it’s a little off-topic.

    All my WP stuff is located in

    I’m want to move everything to my root directory so when people won’t have to type to view my new site.

    So, if I move it to my root directory, wouldn’t the links of the other pages get messed up? For example the “Portfolio” section. The link is

    If I move it to the root directory, would it then become, itself or would I have to do something?

    Hope I explained it well. =/

    You should be able to do that just fine. What FTP do you use? It should automatically update itself.

    You mean FTP Program? I use FileZilla.

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 33 total)
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