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  • your site is absolutly not perfect in firefox, I can’t read anything because the headerimages is over the content and the sidebar is right, extremly right,

    in the last day I saw seven or eight blogs all with the same problems, and all with the same css

    in the moment I can’t help you — sorry, and I don’t understand what happens

    it’s like this prob:

    Check your divs with the webdeveloper plugin for FireFox.

    What modifications did you make in the last several days? Undo them 🙂 before it was ok…

    Okay, let me clear this first. I will be using a Javascript code which will detect if the person is using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. I have 2 CSS files. The Firefox’s CSS file is perfect and ready. Everything displays properly. Forget about Firefox. I have it ready and it looks all good. 🙂

    The CSS file uploaded right now is the Internet Explorer one. I’m just testing how it looks on Internet Explorer. So you will have to view the website in Internet Explorer just to see what the problem is. And the problem is with the comment page. Could you please check again?

    Thank you guys. Your help will be appreciated. 🙂

    Let _me_ clear _this_ first….. it does NOT look all good in Fx…. I just looked… the header image is hoarked and doesn’t come close to being lined up with the rest of the page….

    I’m not a betting gnome, but if I were, I’d be willing to be that the problem in Fx is the same as IE, and is probably due to a messed up div tag or something.

    -i’m not really here. this is just a figment of your imagination.-

    I said forget about the Firefox! I said I have 2 CSS Files! One for Firefox and the other one for Internet Explorer. The Firefox one is ready and it appears perfectly fine! The CSS file uploaded right now is for Internet Explorer. When I will finish fixing the site in Internet Explorer.. then I’ll use a Java code which will detect which browser the person is using and according to that, it will load a proper CSS file

    Forget about the site in Firefox right now. I have everything fixed for it. I just need help in Internet Explorer. Just the comment page is messed up in Internet Explorer.

    I hope you get what I am saying this time.

    A properly designed site should work across browsers…

    But Internet Explorer can’t read the CSS properly. I have seen many, well designed websites that only work for Firefox… and not for Internet Explorer.

    So is there anyway, I could fix the comment page in Internet Explorer? Can you figure it out by looking at the source?

    Um, not to be obnoxious about the whole CSS thing, but in Safari, it looks really bad.

    Could you please post a screenshot? It would be appreciated. 🙂

    My friend, screenshot or not… you are on a wrong path. There are more than 2 browsers in the web world. Are you going to provide a CSS file for each of them?
    I don’t know how to make different stylesheets for different browsers… Sometimes even one is too much 🙂

    Sure, here is the first:
    And here is the second:

    You also have a fatal error on your archives page, but you probably already knew that.

    Not sure if you want to spend money, but here’s a browser compatibility service that takes pictures. $15 for one time use…. eh.

    mequodallie: Thank you. 🙂 And yes, I know there is an error on Archives and I have done that on purpose at the moment.

    moshu: Yes, I am not going to make CSS file for each one. Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are the most used ones. That’s why I made it for them.

    Anyways, so in order to fix this… should I try and re-code my CSS? I guess that’s the only way. =/

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 33 total)
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