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  • I don’t know if this is possible or if there is a plugin that could do this.

    I have a site with various links to pages. Two of the links need to link to external websites and at the moment they open in a new window.
    This is fine but I would rather not divert people away to external sites.
    Is it possible to display these external websites within a page on my site, so that the external website is fully functional but my website is always present within the viewed page.
    I have tried searching this but I don’t know the correct term to describe this function so have not had much luck.

    Many thanks

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  • This is possible, but not recommended, because it annoys visitors. Even forcing links to open in a new tab/window is frowned upon.

    Visitors nowadays are fairly web-savvy. If they want to go back to your site, they know how to use the back button, and if they don’t, you really can’t stop them from leaving. Focus on making a site that people will want to come back to.

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