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    Hi there
    I’ve just installed the WOW Slider plugin for the first time and have added a slider into my header.php for display in all pages. It seems to work beautifully, although still in early testing on the responsive side – however, it is returning a javascript error of “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)” and the resource it’s looking for is “”

    Installing the plugin did not install a folder called install within the plugin folder – however, looking at the full url it’s searching, nor did it create and populate a folder called wowslider in my root WordPress folder either. I downloaded the whole plugin and found the install folder and copied that into the plugin folder but there is no loading.gif in it.

    I’m a bit confused as to:
    1. why it’s looking in a folder in the root of my wordpress folder set
    2. why the install folder wasn’t included in installing the plugin
    3. why the loading.gif isn’t included in the one I downloaded.

    Please can you help me?

    Thanks in advance.

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    It’s very strange that you get this error message. File “loading.gif” is temporary file and required during installation of plugin only. After installation all temporary file should be removed automatically.
    Also, link to this file isn’t added in HTML, CSS or javascript code generated with WOWSlider. So, “loading.gif” shouldn’t be looked for.
    Please try to deactivate and uninstall WOWSlider plugin. Then install the latest version 3.0.1 of plugin generated with WOWSlider app. v.3.1.

    Thanks for your reply.

    I have deactivated and deleted the WOWSlider plugin. I wasn’t sure what you meant about the plugin being generated with the app v 3.1 though. I have that version, but cannot see anything in it about generating a plugin.

    However, I downloaded the zip file again from this site and reinstalled it, but the same error occurs. I’ve managed to get a little bit more info on when it triggers. It appears to be from a file called script.js and expands to the following:

    h script.js:21
    wowsliderPreloader script.js:21
    jQuery.fn.wowSlider script.js:11
    (anonymous function) script.js:41

    It would appear that there is a wowsliderplugin folder in my wp-content/uploads/2 folder where the loading.gif does exist and the script resides that is being run.

    I hope that makes some sense?


    Plugin Author


    I’m not sure that understand this phrase correctly “However, I downloaded the zip file again from this site and reinstalled it”.
    What file did you install as plugin? Notice, you should use “” file generated with WOWSlider desktop application. It’s incorrectly to add “” or “” files…
    Did you see our instruction and video tutorial?

    I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear.
    I deactivated the plugin and deleted the files. I then downloaded the plugin again from here and reinstalled it.

    I then recreated my slider using the created by the desktop application installed by downloading and added that in using the plugin, but I still got the same javascript error.

    I have actually uninstalled it now because I needed to get something up and running for my customer very quickly, but I’d love to know what I did wrong for future reference.


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    We repeated the problem. It appear when you use “On demand image loading” option.
    WOWSlider generates “” file. Image “loading.gif” is stored in the same place with “script.js” file – into “wowslider\install” folder inside “” archive. For some reasons, WordPress tries to find “loading.gif” file here –, not into the same folder with “script.js”.
    Our developers will fix this problem as soon as possible.
    Now you can uncheck “On demand image loading” option in application. Image “loading.gif” will not be used in this case.

    Thanks for looking into it. I’ll reinstall on my test site soon and look for the fix. It’s a nice slider and I might use the upgrade in future projects.


    Plugin Author


    This problem was fixed. You can download corrected version of WOWSlider app. from the same link as previous one.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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