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    Yesterday I was working on my blog and I uploaded a Ratings plug-in forgot exactly which one. After uploading the plugins all of the images on my blog and my WordPress admin panel disappeared.

    I tried checking the properties for the images and thy are pointing to the right places. I checked the files and the pathways and they are all correct. Out of desperation I deleted my entire blog and wordpress and reloaded everything one by one. I did use a back up of my blog to repopulate the post but that i the only legacy component i used. WordPress, the theme, and all plugins where re-download and re-installed.

    All of this and still no images. I also checked through some of the code for malicious replace script. Are there any other ideas out there/

    Here’s my blog There should be an image in the header, an image where it says subscribe, and avitar image on the above the about, and little star image as bullets in the sidebars.

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  • When I try to call up…

    I get a 403 Forbidden. Possible somehow this plugin messed with your permissions?

    Your images are generating 403 forbidden errors. Have you recently added hotlink protection? If so, delete it. Otherwise, see:

    Hi Thanks for your suggestions I went though everything at looked at the permissions settings and they all look good. I’ve already deleted the plugin that caused the problem but i’m still at a loss. I’m also not abe to see images in my Word Press Admin Panel like the little editing icons on the edit and add new post pages.

    Do you have any other suggestions.

    i’m convinced I think there is something wrong with 2.7.1 I once again cleared out everything did fresh installs wordpress and the themes. This time i even went as far as deleting and re-adding my domain and nothing works no images.

    I check my other blog which sits on the same serer same host but is 2.7.0 and there are no problems

    Have you tried contacting your host? As both iridiax and I have said all images are throwing a 403.

    I haven’t yet because my other blog which is on the same host is working fine.

    I’ll try calling them anyway at this rate I’ll try anything

    The only other thing I can think of, and I may be out in left field, is a mod_security issue. If it is then it’s definitely a host issue.

    Ok I did what you said I called the host and lucky I did.

    Apparently there was a line in my .htaccess file that was blocking images that were not from my main domain. I’m not sure how this got populated since the site was working fine up until Sunday, but once he commented that line out everything came back.

    Thanks for all of your help on this. Believe it or not calling customer service was the furtherest from my mind so that was really a great suggestion.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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