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  • I have two audiences, academics and non-academics. Most of the time, academics want to see references, citations, and footnotes and non-academics do not. And they change their minds. Sometimes an academic wants to hide references and a non-academic gets curious and wants to see them. I have shortcodes for all the references in my posts and simply want to hide them, both the in-text and reference section at the end, if the reader so desires. Any thoughts on how to toggle the site for these two audiences/readers using either the free or pro version?

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  • Plugin Author Baden


    Thoughts? Yes, a few. But it really depends on how the system will know which type of audience is viewing. Are they required to log in? If so, do they each have different rolls assigned, or is there some other way you have created to check which group they belong to?

    The pro version has a cookie feature that allows the expand elements to remember their current status. However, if I understand you correctly, you want the ability to set a global cookie that will automatically display the expand elements in either ‘expanded’ or ‘collapsed’ mode site-wide, correct? This cookie feature could be further developed to create a site-wide default setting, but you would need to more clearly define the user experience. For example:

    How do you envision the user would change this site-wide setting? In their user profile (if logged in) or some special settings page?

    Thanks for your reply.

    The system wouldn’t have to know anything. I want the reader to be in complete control. Toggle switches that discreetly follow the reader through the article somehow and/or keyboard shortcuts would be best. A reader could easily switch modes according to his or her immediate needs and desires whenever they want.

    I put a more general post in the plugin forum, stating Collapse-O-Matic was closer than anything else I’ve come across.

    Thanks again. I should have said initially: Collapse-O-Matic is a great plugin. I owe you a review.

    Plugin Author Baden


    Grant “Master” Pax

    After reading your more in-depth request I would recommend you use something like either WPML or the free qtranslate plugin to create a separate ‘language’ layer. This would allow you to create two completely distinct sets of content for your two very different target audiences.

    Our plugin is really designed to hide and show chunks of content. What you are asking for is really two entirely separate content threads. If you think of them as two languages, you might be more on target with your end goal.

    Hope that helps get you pointed in the right direction.

    “Bad” Baden

    Thank you for the suggestions. I understand your thinking and am looking into both of the plugins. They will likely be the right way to go if almost all of the content can be shared across “languages.” There’s no way I can maintain multiple versions of the same pages – and I need the readers to be able to toggle. I only need to change small pieces between “modes”. Again, almost all of the content is the same.

    As you describe it, your “show and hide chunks” design really sounds like the way. I tried using it, it’s just that inline show-and-hide didn’t work out so well. Inline, small show-and-hide is the critical need.

    Maybe my description of the need is poor.

    Anyway, thanks again.

    Happy New Year.

    Have you seen any inline hide facility?

    Plugin Author Baden


    Please view the following example of inline magic using collapse-o-matic

    Collapse-O-Matic Target Tag & Target Position Test

    Thanks very much. I think that’s just what I need. Time to pay you guys.

    Now I just have to figure out how to get some <span class="expandall">-tagged element to follow the reader.

    Thanks again again.

    Plugin Author Baden


    We’ll look into adding this global cookie feature into Collapse-Pro-Matic and should have something for you next days. Let us know when you have upgraded to the pro version and we will send you a beta to test.

    bought it

    installed it

    Plugin Author Baden


    schweet! We’ll have a beta for you to test today. Stand by for further fun.

    Plugin Author Baden


    OK! We have something for you to test:
    if this meets you needs, we will send you a beta to test locally.

    I am testing. Would you like the feedback here or elsewhere?

    Plugin Author Baden


    As you like. Here is fine, but if you like that personal touch you can contact us via email (you have our info) or… since you are a pro user, seem to be GentelDudle like… you are Grant “Master” Pax after all: we could also chat via skype or google hangout.

    Pick your weapon. We dual at dawn!

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