• This is (at this time) the ONLY WordPress plugin allowing your site visitors to compare two pictures ( befor / after comparison) from a given picture range, so from multiple pictures!
    You just enter the ids, give the size for the plugin, and this very cool plugin takes the pictures in its container, creates a list under the image-comparison made by description, or if empty from the image-title, and adds two checkbox columns in front of it.
    So your visitors can select the two pictures from the list to compare, and than slide over them to see the differences.
    The can also zoom in the pictures by mousewheel! And pan by dragging with left mouse button!
    It also works in responsive themes!
    And on mobile devices! Like you would expect: Just panning by moving with finger in the graphic, or spreading two fingers to zoom or sliding on the slider.
    Absolutly great Plugin! I love it!
    You can see an example at https://p3d-fsx.de/

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