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  • I have a site on a shared host (A2 Hosting) that was working just fine until we upgraded to WordPress 2.6. Now the site is running extremely slow, but it seems like the problem only manifests with Firefox, and only when browsing to 2nd level children pages, like so: (Loads OK)

    Click the “Record Your Story” link (Loads OK)

    Click on “Locations and Reservations”
    and the whole site locks up.

    The site becomes unavailable to Firefox. Oddly enough, I can still load it up in Camino and Safari just fine. My host tells me that the server usage is spiking a bit during this time, but nothing that should keep it from loading completely.

    Anyone with any ideas? I have tried regenerating my permalinks and optimizing my database to no avail. I have also tried disabling all of my plugins but it did not improve anything. I am able to reproduce this every time and dozens of my users are reporting it.


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  • My mistake. Further testing has isolated this to the cforms ii plugin. I will contact that plugin author.

    Quite odd, since I’m seeing it running fine on so many 2.6 installs.

    How much PHP Mem has been allocated on the server?
    What version of cforms are you running?
    Did you configure captcha?

    Please also visit the cforms forum »

    Hi Oliver,

    Thanks very much for responding. I was going to get in touch via your forum, but I might as well follow up here. We are running WordPress 2.6 with cforms 8.6.2. Oddly enough, the slowdown only appears when browsing with Firefox.

    We have 128M of memory allocated to PHP, and we did not use captcha on any of our forms. Reverting back to an older version of cforms (8.5.1) alleviated the problem for now. I cannot recreate the issue on our testing server, so it probably isn’t an incompatibility with another plugin. Maybe it is specific to our server? We are moving to a new VPS soon, so I will test the latest cforms once we move and see what happens.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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