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  • We just created and launched a site with WordPress, hosting at, and often when we log in the response is very slow. We’ve also heard from folks who received server timeout errors when they tried to access the site.

    This is my first WordPress site, so I’m wondering if I’ve done anything incorrectly.

    I set up with CloudFlare and added W3 Total Cache after doing some online research, but that hasn’t made much of a difference.

    The website is

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Drew Jaynes


    WordPress Core Developer

    Interestingly, once the page loads, you have a very impressive Page Speed score of 90. It almost seems like some kind of server-side redirect is happening or somehow taking a long time to resolve your domain.

    Have you contacted support over at GoDaddy to see if your configuration is tip-top?

    You might have a look at the timeline on this GTmetrix report:

    The delay seems to be coming from the first get request. As Drew suggested this could be an issue with the ISP.

    Something you might also try is one of the default themes, just to see if this has any effect. I’m guessing it will not… just another data point.



    Is there any possibility that you’re running WordPress on our Windows platform instead of Linux? This could potentially affect the speed of the site as Linux is much more efficient when it comes to running PHP sites.

    We have an easy-to-follow guide to switch from Windows to Linux if that’s the case:

    If this isn’t the case, please let me know and we can always open a ticket and dig deeper for you.


    Moderator Mark Ratledge


    Forum Moderator

    Thanks everyone for your help…I did switch to a Linux hosting account, and the site is MUCH faster. Thanks for the tip!

    But here’s an interesting thing–since switching to the Linux account I can’t get ANY contact form plugins to work. I’ve tried a few, and none send the mail successfully. I tried WP-Mail-SMTP to try and reconfigure to outgoing mail settings, but it hasn’t done anything.

    Is there any reason why contact forms would work fine in the Windows environment but not the Linux?

    Thanks again for your help!

    Moderator Mark Ratledge


    Forum Moderator

    What contact forms? From a plugin? Try

    Yeah, I’ve tried a number of plugins to no avail. Most pretend to send the email, but nothing happens. I tried Contact Form 7, and it locks up on the spinning arrows and can’t even complete “send.”

    I’ve tried about 7 different plugins, and none manage to send anything.

    Moderator Mark Ratledge


    Forum Moderator

    Most contact forms use the php_mail function, which usually works perfectly on 99% of the hosts out there, and most themes, too. Look at and the weaver theme forums, too:

    Contact Form 7 has around 8 million downloads, so it’s pretty foolproof.

    Yeah, I think I need to spend some time at the weaver theme forum, because now the other think I notice is that the site works fine in Firefox, but Chrome and IE get server timeout errors.

    Ugh. Thanks again for your help.

    Have you had any luck finding the resolution for this? I’m not sure how much help we could be with the plug-ins and themes, but I’d be happy to see what I can find out if you’re still stuck.

    Let me know.

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