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  1. pieterdeschutter
    Posted 2 years ago #


    I'm having doubts about my site url:

    WordPress Adress: http://domain.com/wordpress
    Site Adress: http://domain.com/florida

    > I recently added /florida for SEO purposes, is this ok?
    > I asked my host now to forward domain.com to domain.com/florida.
    Is this ok? While there is no folder on the server called 'florida'… Or wordpress takes care about this?
    > I also added an index.php redirection page in the root to domain.com/florida.

    Is this whole process correct or too complicated for SEO and general purposes?

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  2. Simpleblend
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi Pieter - My recommendation would be to place the site into the root folder (domain.com). and instal one of the wordpress plugins for SEO (Yoast SEO, etc). Then add Florida in the page title, and body copy. if you want to have Florida in the URL for some reason then create a new page and call it Florida. That way the home page still shows domain.com.

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