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  • i got WP up and gong no sweat. was working on a new css and added some categories today. then, i inserted a new site url (the WRONG url so that it is now referencing itself (index.php) and it’s all a mess. worse still, i cannot Log In as Admin to fix it.
    seems to me the issue is to *simply* change the ‘siteurl’ entry but i don’t know how. i know little or noting about MySQL (although I found the entry via the Data Dump tool Fat Cow gives me).
    any ideas how I can go about changing this w/o being able to get into Admin? Or, bettter, how to get back in as Admin and fix it?

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  • Your host should provide a mysql browsing tool such as phpMyAdmin. Once you find that simply browse to the options table and fix what you need.

    You got it. I fixed it.
    Kudos to Fat Cow’s Moo Crew! Quick and great support, directed me to where I got the app, downloaded, installed and tweaked that field.
    I go into this to have a new “project” and learn some sutff. I do. Still pretty clueless but gaining knowledge.
    Thanks for the support.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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