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    I’m having some major issues with my transfer of a wordpress site to a new host. I’ve read almost every post here and elsewhere on the web, but none of them seem to help me with my issues. If anyone has any other ideas please help!

    Once I move the site to my new host I can’t get the site to work and I only get a blank white page when I try to log into the dashboard.

    I’ve attempted the move several ways.

    I’ve tried several times to use a brand new install of WordPress on the new server (both sites are running WordPress 3.3.2). I exported the database from the original site and copied the .htaccess, wp-config.php and the wp-content folder. The new install worked fine, then I imported the database, uploaded the wp-content and .htaccess files to the site and then ran the searchandreplacedb2.php script to help fix the site address links.

    I’ve also tried copying the entire wordpress site over from one server to the other with no clean install. Added the database and not luck. Same results.

    I tried disabling the plugins folder but I still can’t get into the dashboard when I do that.

    The original site is currently hosted here:

    Here’s the new install I’ve recently tried (my 10th try):

    Most of the links on my new site end up taking you to black white screens (because the permalinks are getting fixed) or to the original site because they were hard coded into the page.

    Any suggestions for me? Something I’ve missed? If I could at least get the admin/dashboard working then I could fix some of the other issues.

    Thank you!

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    Have a look at this, when you moved your folders etc will have different paths. The db of original site will have old files information.

    I manually changed the site URL and home URL in the database. I followed the instructions on that page. Event tried it twice.

    I also ran the searchandreplacedb2.php script mentioned on that page.




    You site is coming up nicely here:

    Try a new install of index.php if not=
    Can you save db, and install new clean db and write to it. Moving wp is a recurring topic here.

    So you fixed it what was the problem

    It’s not fixed. The homepage is coming up, but nothing beyond it and I can’t login to the dashboard. I get the login page, but when I enter the login and password it just goes to a blank white page.

    I just tried a new index.php in the wp-content folder, but nothing changed.




    Your pages are not coming up because of PHPSESSID. You can find an article about it by Yoast here. Make a Google search to get more info.

    This is weird I went to our site and get this in browser from one of your pages

    Also I may be wrong,if so my apologies, it’s 1am here, but I don’t see this in your header

    <link href="" rel="canonical">

    Are you using a subdomain ??

    never heard of this before. I’ll look into it now. Do you think this is also causing the issue with my admin/dashboard not showing up?

    As i said it’s past my bedtime and a good quantity of red vino, but I can’t see it. But if you think about it admin would be .Worth looking into.
    If that is the case then a rewrite would sort things out.
    Not ideal but!! your other pages for want of a better word are trying to load.
    Try redirecting one for example your about page.

    Also I may be wrong,if so my apologies, it’s 1am here, but I don’t see this in your header

    <link href=”” rel=”canonical”>

    Are you using a subdomain ??

    The live site is currently using the correct URL at and I’m using a temporary URL at my new host I wanted to move the site and make some updates before I move the DNS records over to the new host.

    That shouldn’t be an issue though if I’m changing the URL in my database, right?

    My problem is fixed. Turned out to be an issue with the hosting environment. They had enable output buffering for my account through a php.ini file.

    That’s a bit beyond my skill set, but I’m glad it worked.

    Thank you loughcorrib for your help!

    Your welcome ! Would never have caught that one!!

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