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  • I recently moved a site from one server to another. I did the copying of the files and the backup/restore of the DB on the new server. I changed the DB information in the config file and the URLs are all correct in every place they can be updated (as far as I can tell).

    When I go into my theme editor and make a change to a file, the site says they are saved, and when I go back into the file the changes are there. However, I don’t see the changes made on the front end of either the new server site or the old server site. It is as though the changes are saved to a third set of files somewhere that I don’t know about.

    Ideas? Suggestions on how to load the correct files into the theme editor?

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  • esmi


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    Are you using a caching plugin?

    No caching is turned on. I made sure as I wanted to see the changes quickly.



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    Are you using a caching plugin?

    I Have the same problème as you, when I

    • copy all the files into another directory
    • copy data form one database to another
    • Change the database configuration in files
    • Uptade the URL in the database data

    I lost my Logo and my background color.

    I don’t use caching plugin too …

    I use WordPress 3.2.1

    I search for file configuration, but I find nothing.

    I have a look into the code and the result is that the theme and logo are store in the database !

    for exemple, the logo is store by the call ofset_theme_mod in custom-header.php
    who call many function and arrive to :
    update_option( $option, $newvalue ) of functions.php witch call $wpdb->update( $wpdb->options, array( 'option_value' => $newvalue ), array( 'option_name' => $option ) );

    So I don’t understand what happen when we move the files and database …


    I tried to make the same thing, but with a different an other folder and another database and it’s work !

    So I have a look on the folder’s right but no results, their are the same rights than the first folder …

    Again I have a look on the database, but it’s the same configuration too …

    I’am using a bash script to copy the site, so to make my test I just change the folder path and the database name.

    I don’t understand what append.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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