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  • got three words in my site title, and was hoping to color the first letter of each that cool blue. any way to do this without just hard-coding it in?

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  • dug around a bit, and it looks like it’s that first-letter trick, in the CSS (and I can’t find any work around for “nth” letters past the first, of course). so I may have to hard-code it, which I kind of resist. anybody got a fix? and, I just hard code it there in the Header file, yes?

    really, something along these lines might work: breaking the title up, then doing some magic. only, I don’t got the skills quite to adapt it across, I don’t think.

    went ahead and hard-coded it. all’s well. was hoping to keep it dynamic, but for some reason that display:inline-block is a touchy point in the CSS. whenever I just went straight “inline” in order to get that first-letter trick to cycle through three times, it keeps first-letter from working. no worries, though. now that it’s hard-coded, I likely won’t mess with it ever again.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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