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  • Hello ,
    I got a e-mail from my hosting service company and they told me my site was using to much CPU , Memory.
    I was inactive that week and got about 200-300 unique visitors. How could this be possible?
    I was runing Memoir 2.8 theme which is the last version of Memoir.
    Using 7-8 Plugins.
    About 200 posts.
    How could this happen??

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  • jack randall


    it’s not to do with the number of visitors it’s to with the demand that the site is making on the server.

    your plugins might be making lots of calls and using all the resources. which plugins are you using?

    subscribe pop-up
    Post rating
    paid downloads
    moodthingy pro plugin
    foobar notifications

    jack randall


    maybe you just need to upgrade your hosting package…

    Earlyer I was monitoring my website and there were about 10 visitors online and the CPU was at full capacity , 100% !
    What can it be ?

    Earlyer I was monitoring my website and there were about 10 visitors online and the CPU was at full capacity , 100%

    Were you hacked, infected with malware, adware or phished any time? What you state above can happen in such cases. Otherwise, it seems quite abnormal for only 10 visitors. Can we know the name of your host?

    No , I don’t think I have been hacked.
    The host name is Webhostingpad

    Did your hosting company suggest any steps that you have to take after which they would reinstate your site?

    They reinstate my website but the problem still persist.
    They told that the files that coused the problem were index.php and admin-ajax.php.
    After I loged in , i deleted some of my installed plugins , I let only the necesary.
    And with 10 visitors it comes up 90-100 % of cpu and 80-90 on memory usage. What can it be ?

    Can you post your site URL?

    Sorry but I backed it up , the whole site and databases and deleted it , becouse even with no visitors in it , the page still overloaded the CPU and memory of the server. I was warned that if the problem persist , they will close my accout forever.
    I didn’t know what else to do. I don’t want to lose my hosting account , but I don’t even know what else to do. If I resotre my site It will be the same as before and they will ban me 🙁

    jack randall


    start fresh with a different host. they may be cowboys…

    Come on man , this is not a solution 🙁

    jack randall


    it kind of is, if you start over with a new host and upload your site and the problem persists then you know the problem is your site and not the host, if it doesn’t happen again then you know that your previous hosting was to blame…

    it’s a process of elimination.

    What @theotherlebowski suggested was exactly what I had in my mind even when I asked the last question.

    Look for a better host!

    Ok guys , I will try another webhosting service. Hope this will solve my problem 🙁
    I will tell you latter 🙂
    Thanks 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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