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    Someone alerted me today that my site isn’t showing up properly in older IE browsers. This seems to be a new problem, as everything was still working fine with older IE’s a while ago. I also have a ‘duplicate’ site set-up to test any new settings, and that site still works fine in all IE browsers, for some reason.

    Everything look fine when using FF, Chrome, IE 10 and Chrome and Safari on the iPad. The problem only occurs when using IE 9, 8 , 7, 6 or IE compatibility mode.

    The affected site is : There are supposed to be a bunch of articles on the main page, but only the first one’s heading shows up. Everything else disappeared, even when you click on that first heading.

    Even when I remove any child theme configs and files, I still experience the same problem. I even changed to the other default themes (Twenty Twelve, Twenty Ten), but still experience the exact same issue. Is there something I’m missing?

    Would anyone be able to help me with this?


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  • Managed to get it fixed. Turns out the last 2 posts/articles had some funky code, so they completely messed up the front page. After they were removed, everything looked fine again.

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