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  • According to a few of my readers, 2 days ago, my daily updated blog at started developing a very odd problem.

    Now, when visitors using IE go to my site, it loads all the text on the page in one long, extremely narrow column which displays towards the bottom of the screen in such a way that makes the page at first appear to be blank (unless you scroll down).

    The site loads as usual in Firefox.

    For the record, I usually use Firefox. I haven’t added any new plugins or javascript codes for at least a month.

    I’m stumped but appreciate any help anyone could offer me.


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  • Hi

    I just ran your homepage through the page validator with Firefox.

    Sorry to say but you have 635 errors on your homepage. Some of them relate to mismatched closing tags. Meaning, tags closed out of sequence. Its almost definite that is the cause of your IE problems. I am seeing in IE that narrow column your readers have reported, by the way.

    635 errors on one page is quite a mess. Many are minor, but some will prove to be the source of your problem. Thats quite a bit to get cleaned up on a volunteer forum, unless you know what you are doing and just need a few questions answered.

    I have to agree with him, fixing your markup might solve that problem.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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