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  • Hey everyone,
    i’m working on a website and came to a problem that is making me go bald.

    I need to make a wordpress theme that has 3 different themes and the content for each is different. So here’s the info:

    Main page (1 design, links to subpage A & B)
    subpage A (gray theme with menu items A)
    subpage B (white theme with menu items B)

    Now to make it complicated the content structure is as followed:

    Subpage A (gray theme, menu A)
    – About page A
    – Category (on this page it has a menu of Subpages)
    – Sub categories (5-6x)
    – Post of subcategory (more then 5)
    – contact page

    Subpage b (white theme)
    – About page A (different layout than pages)
    – projects category
    – project names post
    – gallery
    -gallery category
    -gallery pages

    So there’s a lot of stuff going and it kinda has to be connected. I was looking for but couldn’t find any plugins for this. But i used a function for css and if statements for specific categories. But this does’t work for pages. How would you make this work?


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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