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  • I want to structure my site for posting short essays rarther than diary type entries. It doesn’t make sense to have these essays arranged chronologically, except perhaps to have a “page” where the headlines can be read, or the whole site just browsed or for archiving or something. I guess an image would be writing a book rather than a diary. So I want my site to have:

    1. A static-ish front page (I’ve done this I think) Readers get an explanation of the site. What would be great here would be extracts/summaries from some essays, most recent first, that hyperlinked to the essays themselves.

    2. Three (?) primary “sections”, with sub andmaybe sub-sub etc sections, in which the essays are filed and located. These are subject area centred, like the sections of a book. Filing the essays in date order wouldn’t make much sense. I want to be able to shuffle them around as I write them, as you would if you wrote a book (?). Their order would become apparent as they were written. Essays would expand on others etc. I want to start “painting” the whole canvas, not start at one corner and work down.

    3. A separate “area” for the comments. I see this as a forum or forums. These would be linked to the subject areas rather than as a list atatached to the end of each essay. The forums would be gathering places for the exchange of ideas. It would be great to have a branching structire for this rather than a sequential listing, with some sort of expandable/collapsable presentation.

    Anyway that’s the goal. I know what I would like, I have been hunting and feel something very close is probably not too hard with WordPress, “but I still haven’t found what I’m looking for . . . ” 😉

    Am I asking too much from WordPress? too much of my own abilities? or . . . can you help me understand what I need to do or where I should start?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Just about anything’s possible, if you do the research and have (or can learn) the (x)html/CSS skills. 🙂

    1) Have you looked in the codex? If you already have something you’re happy with, cool. But check Creating_a_Static_Front_Page

    2) Use Categories. Maybe look at Category_Templates if you want each section to look a little differently (for that matter, if you get into theme customization, be aware of the Template_Hierarchy and The_Loop)

    Most themes will have a category list in the sidebar or bottom area. You can style/enhance it as you desire. You can also have links on your “static” page directly into category sections. And, you can exclude categories from the main page with several plugins.

    3) That one’s a stretch. Now you’re crossing the line from a blog into a forum. And there’s LOTS of topics here on that topic. 🙂 (bet you knew there’d be another link coming…)

    Thanks HandySolo AKA . . . I’ve posted thanks on your blog, and I’ve added the lessons to my must read list. I think the template stuff is important for some of the other “glitches” I seem to have. But the link at the end of your post doesn’t go anywhere – any ideas? ?

    #3 you might just want to have a Forum, running alongside WP.

    However at a simpler level you can use a Recent Comments plugin to list the comments on a separate page instead of uer each post. With such a plugin you can show, for example, a Link to the title of the post that the comment is about + the first 30 words of the comment + the author of the comment.


    I’ll have to go hunt for the plug-in, mmmm maybe I could find one that would only select comments on a certain post or posts . . . and then I could add a page for each . . . would I be able to get the comments added to that page, would they still display on the Post page . . . guess I’m talking b*****ks again!

    Could I get the forum to link though to the blog in some way though? Maybe just by inserting a link at the end of a Post or Page pointing at the relevant bit of the forum rather than having comments as such . . . It sounds like it could be a great idea. Any suggestions about where I could get such a thing?

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