• I’ve been having trouble getting fast page loads on my WordPress site. My Los fansite is running the latest version and my hosting company is iPage. Also, I’m running WP Super Cache.

    The real problem is the Time To First Byte, I’m getting an F on webpagetest.org everytime. I did all I could to reduce the time. A lot of people said it was my hosting company’s fault that it was so long.

    Please go through a few pages on my King Los fansite and leave some feedback on my page load times. Thanks!

    Here’s my sites URL: http://www.bmorelos.com/

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  • It actually loads pretty okay for me – but looking at the media page in gtmetrix, it looks like there are some things you could improve:


    Their site will likely have useful info as well.

    Thanks WPyogi I’ll look into the media page. I have been using gtmetrix along with webpagetest. But since I’m running WP Super Cache, all my page 2nd views are super fast due to the Preload feature.

    I just want to make sure. How did you make out with only the 1st view page loads? That’s where I’m struggling the most. Also, could you check out the Los Gallery. It’s the Jetpack Gallery with over 300 photos. I’m thinking about splitting the gallery in half to make it load faster. Thanks again WPyogi and what do you think of the design? Do you find it hard to read cause the dark theme?

    The first page loaded quite fast for me. Ditto with the gallery — of course, it’s not instantaneous, but it’s only a few seconds — at least on my connection which is pretty fast (Comcast cable if that means anything to you). Images are always going to take time to load, but you could maybe try smush it ? I’ve not used it but heard various mentions of it being good. But do make sure it won’t conflict with Super Cache. Speed is also one of those things that can be affected by so many different variables – so it’s not always easy to fix/improve.

    Given your content and audience, I think the colors/design are quite good.

    I use smush.it manually for my homepage pics. Okay thanks for the tips! I was also thinking about switching hosts. Do you know of any good ones that have great speed for their sites? I heard Dreamhost had good times with TTFB.

    This is the official page on hosting:

    I can’t speak to speed issues specifically, but from what I have seen, Dreamhost does an excellent job of supporting WP and I know people who have been extremely happy with their customer support in general. They have various discussion forums on their site, so you could ask them directly.

    once again thanks for all your help! Will def check into what you mentioned.

    Anyone else feel free to share some feedback on my page loads!!!

    remove the footer fb box and twitter
    and replace with an image + link to our fb fan page and twitter fan page
    our page speed will go up by 70% +

    Well I already have the images & links in the sidebar, I wanted them so people could like/follow right from my page. I’ll test my page without them and see what happens. Thanks Marius84!

    I wanted something like http://www.gotbars.com/. I know they used some js for the actual buttons to fade down. But how would you go about having the counters display? And also how do you have it so the social buttons only load when you hover over them?

    if people like our page, for sure will be fan, without a follow direct link on our page..
    take a look at my hompage click to my nick and see how i have solved.. and try to take a gtmetrix test

    I dont know what your saying? Link to you and my site will be faster?

    lol NO! i say watch on my site my social link, i use only image + link
    without using iframe! hope thats help for increase our website speed too!

    ohh lol gotcha … ill test it out without the iframe and scripts

    Hi bdp,

    My name is Melissa and I am the Social Media Manager here at iPage. We’ve been keeping an eye out on the forums to see about assisting customers where we can.
    Your site loads up pretty quickly on my end and then there are some more dynamic things loading in the background while I start looking around. As long as you have a quick initial load time so you can engage your users visually most will then be fine with looking around while the more dynamic content loads.
    The caching plugin we have tested for our system and found great results for is W3 Total Cache. The settings are specific so we have a downloadable settings file that can be imported into the plugin. Only one caching plugin should be used but if you’d like to try this one here is the link to our article.

    Kind regards,

    Social Media Manager

    Hey bdp, most of the delay is caused by javascript as pointed out by Marius.
    You need to defer all this javascript to get faster initial load time.
    This can be done with plugins for “Lazy Loading”

    Yeah but I really have no clue how to defer javascript. I couldn’t even find a decent demonstration video on how to.

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