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  1. masseyn
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have a community site that will rely on speed being good so during my testing i am trying to check the site on GTmetrix as i go. I have W3 Total Cache installed and this has sped the site up no end but i still have an issue with the following results.....

    Specify image dimensions - F (0) - 51% - Images - High
    Remove query strings from static resources - F (8) - 91% - Content - High
    Defer parsing of JavaScript - F (9) - 67% - JS - High
    Optimize images - F (21) - 73% - Images - High
    Serve scaled images - F (43) - 90% - Images - High
    Optimize the order of styles and scripts - C (70) - 94% - CSS/JS - High
    Use efficient CSS selectors - F (0) - 20% - CSS - Low
    Remove unused CSS - E (59.7) - 63% - CSS - Low

    A lot of them appear to be image related and i am running EWWW Image Optimize.

    Just need any advice on these high demand errors....


  2. Pothi Kalimuthu
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I primary use mod_pagespeed for image related optimization. Earlier, I used CW Image Optimizer with some success too. Ever since mod_pagespeed came out of beta, I never turned back.

    As you could use EWWW Image Optimize, I assume you have control over your server. Because mod_pagespeed requires the changes to be done at the server level.

    Regarding 'Remove unused CSS', I don't think I'd need to worry about it. Because, usually we check only the home page or a popular page within a site. Since it (Gtmetrix) provides suggestions only to a specific page, we do not know, if those unused CSS would be used somewhere else in the site.

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