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    I’m trying to increase the site speed of a new wordpress woocommerce site. It is running really slow. I’ve disabled all unnecessary plugins and installed the W3 Total Cache plugin and set it up to optimize caching but the page speed is still very slow. I have a dedicated IP on Hostmonster. We do have to use several WooCommerce plugins for various things neccessary for the operation of a WooCommerce cart but I still can’t seem to figure out why the site is so slow. This is the list of plugins currently activated:

    Akismet, Audio player, Google Analytics for WordPress, Post Snippets, RoyalSlider, Secure WordPress, Shareaholic, SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam, W3 Total Cache, WooCommerce, WooCommerce DPM Gateway, WooCommerce CSV Export, WooCommerce Currency Converter, WooCommerce FedEx, WooCommerce Print Invoice/Packing list, WordPress SEO, wp-insert

    Any suggestions?

    This is the site in question:

    Thank you,


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    Have you tried moving JavaScript to the bottom of the HTML structure, so the browser will first load the page elements? It won’t speed up the page load, but users won’t let users see the visual knock-on effects of load time if it were in the top of the structure.



    No, I’ll try that to see if it helps. Thank you.

    worldwidewandering – You seem to have been able to speed up your site on woocommerce. What did you do to get it running faster? I’m having the same issue and feel like I tried everything.

    I was using the PageSpeed tool in the firebug plugin for firefox. I followed some of the recommendations. I installed a WP plugin, “W3 Total Cache” that has some tools for caching that I think helped a bit. The site still isn’t as fast as I’d like it to be. I’m sure there are some other solutions. I’m wondering if my Hostmonter account might have something to do with site speed.

    Actually, I’m still having a lot of problems with this and other Woo Commerce sites. The site speed is just so slow. I’ve even installed CloudFlare which greatly increases the scores on the website. I now get A ratings but the site speed is still so incredibly slow it’s difficult to even work with it.

    If anyone has any suggestions at all about increasing the site speed for WordPress WooCommerce sites I would greatly appreciate it.

    worldwidewanderin, from a quick look at the Shop section of your woocommerce site, I can give you a couple tips. First, you can use this to get your jquery from google (one of your largest files and slow coming from your own server). I also noticed that you had lots of load time coming from all the .png images on your website, you may use a website like to compress all of your images, or a faster but less effective way is

    hey iam having the same problem here with my eCommerce t shirt website,
    I have tried using W3 Total Cache plugin and WP Super Cache both didnt really do great.
    I went to the u’ve mentioned and my website was ranked D.Here I have understood that the images are slowing my website down,will use WP-SmushIt and then recheck and update it here but WordPress or woocommerce must come up with something in this regards.

    Wp-smushIt is pretty cool, it has a beta feature which optimizes photos which were updated earlier, and also takes care of images which are uploaded after the plugin installed. Still image re-sizing is an issue which is theme based, meant for responsiveness. W3 total cache, its only useful if you know what you are getting into, and it should be the last plugin to be installed as it screws up the java script running across the entire site when you activate the minify function. the work around is to deactivate the plugin, install new stuff, or make edits which require js and once everything is done, re-activate the w3 total cache plugin.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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