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  1. David
    Posted 5 years ago #


    I'm setting up a WPMS of which I would like to set up a user registration whitelist for each site. Where in;

    'A.exp.com' only allows users with 'email@A.exp.com' and,
    'B.exp.com' only allows users with 'email@B.exp.com'

    Possible Solution #1:
    I am not sure if the integrated SuperAdmin restrictions cover the entire site, which would allow 'email@A.exp.com'to register on B.exp.com, or if when logged into A.exp.com/wp-admin I will be allowed to set those parameters specifically for that site (and not exp.com or B.exp.com)

    Possible Solution #2:
    Before integrating MS, I used WP Email Restrictions to restrict registration on 'exp.com' not being familiar with MS, it looks like this plugin (set as Network Active) will bring the same issues I expect from Solution #1.

    Possible Solution #3
    Edit wp-login.php?action=register files. As a code-baby my last resort would be to attempt to restrict users from each site by adding 'if/then type' code (go ahead and laugh at my limited vocab)
    ie: if site=A.exp.com and email=?@A.exp.com then=good
    of course, that would take a lot of time (obviously). Is that even possible?

    Maybe I missed just the right plugin for the job. If you think any of these solutions will work with a little tweaking, or know of that perfect plugin or magical 5 lines of code please drop a line!

  2. Ahhh..... no.

    User register to exp.com.

    they get *added* to the other sites by the admins. your registration plugin will not likely work, as the network has its own registration page

    See exp.com/wp-signup.php

    the whilelist for email signup is network-wide.

  3. David
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Oh, then this is a moot point. The alternative would be to setup a separate WP install for each sub-domain, which is a shame. I was hoping WPMS would reduce my work (and server) load.

    Quick thought though, is there a current plug-in that can automate the "Users->Add New" page? or automate the 'adding' of users to site based on their email?

    Based on your experience, if these plug-ins do not exist, would it be possible to create them?

    I would be looking into this myself, but I'm seriously reconsidering the benefits of MS, while I struggle to get it to work at all:


  4. Sure it;s possible - you'd just have to get someone to code it up for ya.

    I would be looking into this myself, but I'm seriously reconsidering the benefits of MS, while I struggle to get it to work at all:

    It's server-level software and gives you your own mini wordpress.com. It was originally for setting up blog farms. While it *can* be used in all kinds of other ways, that's the reasoning behind why what you want to do is not built in.

  5. David
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Thank you Andrea_r!
    I will consider conscripting code monkeys to my cause, or maybe even delving into writing it myself.

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