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  • This site needs to be stopped! They are selling memberships to spammers to “blast” ads to blogs everywhere!! Is this legal? What can be done about this?

    If this site takes off, will we see an increase of spamming? This just sucks!!!

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  • Wow, that’s some pretty silly stuff.

    (But technically, they are correct – the spam laws seem to focus on electronic mail, and not publications. Perhaps I’ll pass the question on to my lawyers.)

    You know what this means?

    We hit them with a heavy dose of SpamVampire. >:3

    Amazing. I for one can’t wait. I’ll update my plugins to address whenever ‘it’ launches, assuming there’s an applicable pattern to match on, and I’m happy to bang heads with the other referral and anti-spam authors out there to kick these guys in the a**. Certainly, let’s make sure WordPress sites aren’t available to them!

    My guess is given that there are a dozen-plus anti-spam plugins out there, you’ll have your pick of solutions.

    This is just one of many such people/sites. The spam is generally the same: pr0n, p0ker, vi0gra. If they send the same old spam, through a new method, it’s STILL going to be blocked. 😉

    We’ll have to see what they start ‘advertising’, and how… Until then, really no need to get worried… same old story.


    nothing noteworthy here. it’s just a comment spammer.

    It’s just irritating to me that people would actually profit from making other people’s lives miserable. SPAM is one of the great evils of the world (right after people who “key” cars).

    True, yet I’ve password-protected my blog with “WWW-Authenticate: Basic” so that no spammer could get in with any bots, and I’d tell anybody who emailed me to access my blog the password.

    Anybody who wants to implement the hack, insert this in wp-blog-header.php:

    $your_email="somebody at gmail dot com";
    if(!ereg("/wp-admin/edit.php", $PHP_SELF)) {
    if ($_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_PW'] != $blog_pwd) {
    header('WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm="For security reasons, this blog is password-protected. Please email '.$your_email.' to obtain password. Thank you."');
    header('HTTP/1.0 401 Unauthorized');
    echo '<HTML></HTML>';

    Silly question…but the “somebody at gmail dot com”;

    Is that how you should write out the email address…using the word AT instead of the @, and with the spaces in there?

    This is a very common method of trying to “avoid” email harvesters. There are many other methods, including using a plugin that hides any email from harvestors. It isn’t a “how you should” but more of a “might be a good idea if you are worried” kind of thing.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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