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  • I just moved my food blog from to I’m using the LightCMS theme, which I customized a bit.

    If you have a moment, a review would be much appreciated. There is one nagging item that is annoying me. The sidebar code in the theme package didn’t have the same style of heading for Pages as the rest of the sidebar items. I added one that matched the rest, BUT the default Pages item in gray is in the PHP code and I don’t know how to make it disappear without hosing the code. (I’m not a PHP coder.) Any ideas on how to fix that little issue will also be much appreciated.


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  • There’s a forum for this. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, there’s a forum called “Your WordPress”. Perhaps one of the moderators can move this post there?

    Hehe, looks like someone moved it while I typed my message 🙂

    Your site appears to be down at the moment…

    Looks nice to me

    Your site is uncluttered and easy to read. Your theme suits your topic wonderfully. Congratulations.

    However, you may want to remove the “valid xhtml” link:

    I’m not saying you should necessarily change anything – it looks good in FF 1.5 and IE.

    Samboll, thanks for taking a look and for catching the dangling valid xhtml link. I had meant to take it out and forgot.

    I think it looks great, too…clean and uncluttered. Very nice.

    I’ll echo the others. Your site is clean, uncluttered and looks very professional. Nice work!

    wow, your site has a great look. Like the others have said, it looks very clean and professional.

    If i were to change something about it, i would remove the “meta” section from the sidebar. If you want to log in, you can just type the address in the address bar, or bookmark it! I think that if users can’t sign up for the site, there is no use for that option as a link on the site.

    If you look at my site, you can see how i “hid” mine. you can move your mouse to the very top-left of that thin black bar containng my feeds. thats where my login/out link is, but since it matches the background, readers can’t see it but I have easy access to it knowing it’s there!

    Jackosh, very slick how you hid the login. I decided to just comment out most of the Meta stuff and retain the RSS links. Thanks for the tip!

    Nice blog, and useful! I took your Irish bread recipe and tweaked it — switched out the fruit for sharp cheddar 😉 It’s good! Like cheesecake? :

    Lovely Blog!

    Now I’m really Hungry!

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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